The Jericho Report Weekly News Briefing # 174 11/24/2015

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Fire At Citibank In West Los Angeles

Bank CEO Dies In Helicopter Crash?!

Flight From Mexico Skips Customs?!?

Missing Student Dead In Pennsylvania!

Secret Service Officer Child Sex Sting?

Fogle Pleads Guilty To Child Sex Crime

New Superbug Gene In People In China

Tyson Recalls 50K Pounds Of Hot Wings

How The Dow Industrials Fared On Week

Car Loan Debt Now Tops $1 Trillion In US

LA Council Calls Crisis To Help Homeless

Netanyahu Demands $45B In US Mil Aid?!

Fed Push Back As Congress Eyes Billions

China Yuan As World Reserve Currency?!?

Hillary Will Take On Special Interests Huh?!

The Beginning Of The End For The ACA?!?

Angry Mob Smashes Oakland Police Car?!

One Dead In Oakland Officer Involved Shoot

Anger As Minneapolis Police Shoot Suspect

NYPD Active Shooter Drill In Subway Station

Study Finds More Mexicans Leaving The US

Islamic Association Buys Former NC Motel?!

CA School Students Sing Islamic Fight Song

Statue Of Liberty Originally Was A Muslim?!?

After Debate VA Med Allows Christmas Tree

WTF! Pope Claims Christmas Is A Charade?

Iraq Arrests IS Advisors US And Israelis Held

US Delivers 19K Bombs To Support IS Huh?!

Maybe A Caliphate Is Not Such A Bad Idea?!?

Obama Not Interested In America Winning Huh

Russia Nuclear Torpedo Create Giant Tsunami

Blackout In Crimea After Towers Are Blown Up

Say What? Israeli Sat Loses Communication?!,7340,L-4728975,00.html

Israel Has 115 Nuclear Warheads Institute Says

Current USGS Significant Quakes And 2.5 Mag

Massive Tornado Levels Texas Halliburton Plant

CA Landslide Buckles Vasquez Canyon Road?!

Many Dead In Landslide At Myanmar Jade Mine

Mission To Mysterious World Could Detect Life!

12,000 Year Old Underground Tunnels Are Real

Back To The Future Taiwan Style?!? (Must See)

Drunk Woman Tried To Open Plane Exit Door?!

Woman Flips Out Over All You Can Eat Pancake

BBC Accidentally Broadcasts Giant Vagina Huh!

Protesters Calling For Gangsters To Kill Trump?!

FBI Arrests Man Making Threats To Mosque?!?

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