The Jericho Report Weekly News Briefing # 173 11/17/2015

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Fire Devastates City Hall In Paris Suburbs

France Train Derailed Off Bridge Into Canal

Tanker Train Derails Near Alma Wisconsin?

Fire On Plane At Fort Lauderdale Airport?!?

2 Dead In Sword Attack At Swedish School!

California Knife Attack To Praise Allah Huh?

WTF?! WHO Says Bacon Bad As Asbestos

Super GMO To Be Released On Public Huh!

New Survey Finds More Kids With Autism?!?

Cancer Causing Chem In City Water Supply?

How The Dow Industrials Fared On The Week

Strong Hiring Drives Unemployment To 5%?!?

Chevron Cuts Up To 7,000 Jobs Amid Slump?

Heinz Closing Factories Cutting 2,600 Jobs?!?

Verizon May Lay Off Up To 6,000 Analyst Says!

Target To Close 13 Stores At End Of January?!

Ammo Shortage Fueled Manufacturing Revival?

New Bill Would Force $100 Tax On Every Gun?!

Nearly Half Of Obamacare Co-Ops Are Closing!

Big Bite For Health Law Penalty On Uninsured?!

Alameda County Sheriff Probes Beating Of Man

Virginia Man Shackled Dies In Police Custody?!

WTF?! A Pint Of Blood Or Jail Time In Alabama!

Cops Asking For Customer DNA?

Texas Teacher Instructed Class God Is A Myth?!?

Let Boys Use The Girls Bathroom Or No Funding!

Missouri Activists Block Journalists Needs Muscle

University Officials Agree To Rip Up Constitution?!

CISA Security Bill Passes With Flaws Unfixed Huh

Microsoft Admits Win 10 Spying Can't Be Stopped

Kurds Launch Huge Offensive To Take Back Sinjar

US Sends Troops To Niger To Help Anti-Terror Op

Over 40 Killed Twin Suicide Bombings Rock Beirut

US Ally Saudi Arabia Bombs Another Hospital Huh!

Russian Jam Blocks NATO Electronics Over Syria?

Hope To See You Again Says China To US Ships?!

Israel Hosts Largest Ever International AF Exercise!

How Iran's Using Nuke Deal As License To Go Wild

WTF?! Terrorist Explodes During An Interview Wow!

Look Out! This Nuclear Weapon Gets Rear Ended?!

Current USGS Significant Earthquakes And 2.5 Mag

NASA Gives 99% Probability Of 5.0 LA Earthquake?

Frozen River Sweeps Through Saudi Arabia Desert?

Rare Wind Driven Seiche Could Wipe Out Buffalo?!?

Unusual Ocean Warming Kills Gulf Of Maine Cod Huh

Montreal Dumping 8B Litres Sewage In St Lawrence!

Giant Cave-In Swallows Cars At IHOP Parking Lot?!?

Effects From Fukushima Chronically Underestimated!

Europe And Russia Team Up To Colonize The Moon!

Newly Discovered Object Revives Planet X Talk Huh?

Muslim Dies Inhaling Smoke While Burning US Flag?

WTF! Man Sets Himself On Fire At Press Conference

OMG! Man Killed In Crash Ejected Onto Freeway Sign

Look Out! Giant Pumpkin Crashes Through Intersection

El Paso Teacher Draws Penis On Student Assignment

Eighth Graders Write About Booze / One Night Stands!

WTF! Cop Posing As Woman Gives 60 Men Oral Sex!

Eww Woman Masturbating With Jimmy Dean Sausage

Huh?! Dallas Bill Allows Men Into Women’s Bathrooms!

Father And Son Couple Seeks The Right To Marry?!?

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