The Jericho Report Weekly News Briefing # 172 10/19/2015

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Pilot Dies During American Airlines Flight

United Airlines Flight Co-Pilot Passes Out

Southwest Airlines Says Ticket Glitch Fixed

Customs Comp Working Again Nationwide

Explosion Causes Fire At Oil Rig In Texas?!

Two KC Firefighters Die In Building Collapse

Train Attack Hero Stabbed In Sacramento?!?

Suspect Dead In Hammer Attack In BC Office

Ebola Nurse In Deterioration Shocks Experts!

Ebola Lingers In Semen For Nine Months Huh

How The DOW Jones Industrials Fared Friday

Trends Forcaster Predicts Economic Troubles

Dollar General Cuts 255 Jobs In Restructuring!

Air France Executive Forced To Climb Fence!

Edmonton Faces Crime Spike Due To Woes?

Illinois To Delay Pension Payment Amid Woes

9.4M More Americans Below The Poverty Line

WTF?!? EPA High-End Furniture Costs $92M?

Oregon Pot Stores Sell $11M In First 5 Days?!?

Apple Sells 13M iPhones In Just 3 Days Huh?!?

Lawsuit Over Michigan Traffic Stop? (Must See)

Michigan Man Jailed For Ticket Suffers Death?!

Virginia Cop Caught Tasing A Compliant Man?!

Rice Shooting Reasonable Experts Conclude?!?

Iowa Student Sent Home Over Confederate Flag

Confederate Supporters Indicted On Terror Law?

WTF? Accept Immigrants Or Find Another State?

California Illegal Aliens Given Right To Vote Huh?

New York City Schools Observing Muslim Holiday

Six Flags Over Georgia Now Caters To Islam Huh

Explosions Rocked Peace Rally In Turkish Capital

Anon Missile Attack On Yemen Wedding Kills 131

F-22 Raptors Deploy To Middle East From Hawaii

US Airdrop In Syria Ends Up Arming The Kurds?!?

China To Use Force If US Violates Territorial Water

South China Package Bombs Cause Carnage Huh

Russia Embassy Trolls Saudi On Twitter?!? LMAO!

Russia Turned T-90 Tank Into Video Game Robot?!

Christians To Convert Or Die In European Caliphate

Talk Of Canada / US Fully Integrating Militaries Huh!

Current USGS Significant Earthquakes / 2.5+ Mags

16 Dead And 600 Missing In Guatemala Landslide!

South California Storm Causes Flooding / Mudslide

Historic 1,000 Year Rainfall Pounds South Carolina!

Queensland Campers Flee Sinkhole Swallows Tents

Massive El NiƱo Now Too Big To Fail Scientist Says

California Lake Runs Dry Killing Thousands Of Fish?

Growing Number Believe Drought Is Gov Conspiracy

Fukushima Thyroid Cancer Up To 50X Normal Rate?

Event Could Release Radioactive Fallout In St Louis!

Woman Live Streams Herself While Driving Drunk?!?

Man Calls Cops Too High Found In Pile Of Doritos?!?

WTF! Man Drives Into Ocean In Bid To Escape Police

Woman Doing Donuts At Intersection Rams Cop Car?

Man Beheads Wife Walks Down Street With Her Head

WTF? Man Reaches Inside Woman Disembowels Her!

David Cameron Allegedly Put Private Part In Pig Mouth

Congressman Stole Pope’s Water Glass Drank From It

$6M In Cocaine Found In Boxes Of Pumpkins / Squash

Drug Bundle Falls Through Arizona Family's Home?!?

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