The Jericho Report Weekly News Briefing # 170 09/06/2015

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Black Lives Matter Members Kill Officer?!?

Black Activist Says Its Now Open Season?!

Massive Manhunt After Illinois Officer Murder

MPD Officer Confronted By Crowd Punched!

Gunman At Large As Boston Officer Fired On

Restaurants Now Denying Service To Police?

CNN Says Go Ahead Admit You're A Racist?

Soldiers Injured In Colorado Helicopter Crash

One Killed In Camp Lejeune Helicopter Crash

NC Students Go Home Over Mysterious Illness

How The Dow Industrial Average Fared Friday

Unemployment Rate Dips To 5.1 Percent Huh?

A Record 94,031,000 Americans Not In Labor!

Welfare State The New American Way Of Life?

Hit By Cheap Oil Canada Economy Recession!

Target Plans To Serve Cocktails To Shoppers?

Saudi King Books All Rooms At Four Seasons!

Health Care In The United States Costs 500%?!

Texas Police Shoot Man With Hands Raised?!?

Death Of Man At Dallas Jail Ruled Homicide?!?

Dallas Sheriff Killed Joseph Hutcheson! (Above)

Homeowner Shot Dog Killed At Wrong House?!?,,20949436,00.html

California Prison Guards Arrested Over Murder?!

Pulled Over For Making Direct Eye Contact Huh?

Denied Hunting License Over Religious Beliefs?!

Opposed To Homosexuality To Be Re-Educated!

Community Meets On Troy Transgender Policy?!?

Transgender Student To Use Girl’s Locker Room?

Foster Parents Lose Kids Because Of Firearm?!?

Discrimination Over Having To Prove Citizenship?

ISIS To Send 500K Migrants To Europe Feb 2015

Ontario Calls On Ottawa To Bring Syrian Refugees

Christie 'Track Immigrants Like FedEx Packages'?

Israel Bans Journalists From Voicing Opinions Huh

WW3?! Russia Puts Boots On The Ground In Syria!

US Shadowing Russian Ship In Atlantic Sub Areas!

Chinese Ships Enter US Territory Now Within Miles

Anticollision Systems In Florida Are Now Unreliable

Ceremony Marks 70Th Anniversary Of End Of WW2

US To Resupply Israel Bombs And Missiles Arsenal

Trump Says Nuke Deal Calls For US To Defend Iran

Operation Jade Helm 15 (JH15) Continues In Texas!

Islamist Terror Threat Is Rapidly Growing Says DHS!

Petraeus Says Use Al Qaeda Fighters To Beat ISIS!

South Korea To Begin Discussions For Unification?!

Homefront Future History Trailer?!? (2011) Must See

Current USGS Significant Earthquakes And 2.5 Mag

Possible Doom?!? 09/27 Supermoon Lunar Eclipse!

Atlas Rocket Launch Leaves Strange Sight On Skies

The Above Looks Like The Norway Spiral Of 2009?!

Mass Rock Threatening To Crash Into Arizona Dam!

60,000 Antelope Died In Four Days No One Knows?

Thousands Of Fish Wash Up On Queensland Beach

30FT Shark That Washed Up On Maine Beach Dies

New Jersey Prosecutor Says Fight Club Day Care?!

WTF?!? Robot Says Keep Humans In People Zoo?!

Cop Who Claimed He Was Targeted Fabricated?!?

Woman Charged For Lying About Spotting Suspects

Tacoma Gun Drop Boxes Could Be First In Nation?!?

Three Sentenced For Conspiracy To Start Revolution

Police Officer Facing Arrest For Burglary Kills Self?!

Teacher Arrested After Drone Crashes Into Stands?

McDonald's Worker Pulled From The Drive-Thru?!?

Teen Dies After Playing Video Game For 22 Days!

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