The Jericho Report Weekly News Briefing # 171 09/21/2015

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8.3 Quake Exactly As CERN Reaches Record

CERN Doomsday Stephen Hawkings Says No

End Times Cloud Phenomenon In Costa Rica?!

Doomsday Pastor Says Apocalypse On 09/28?

British Airways Plane Fire At Las Vegas Airport

American Airlines Computer Issues Resolved?!?

Hundreds Quarantined As Ebola Makes Return?!

Gonorrhoea Outbreak Across North Of England?!

Holistic MD Mitchell Gaynor Dead In The Woods?

29 Holistic Doctors / ND Poisoned At Conference

Trump Condemned Because Obama Is A Muslim!

Cops Turn Backs On Obama At Boston Speech?!

How The DOW Jones Industrials Fared Last Week

Moscow Stock Exchange Trading Halted For Glitch

World Bank Warns Turbulence If Fed Raises Rates

Market Overvalued Experts Warn Crash Imminent?!

Hewlett Packard To Cut 30K Jobs From Enterprise

Wages Down 5% In 42 Years But You Have iPhone

Renewed Calls For Gun Control Laws Spur Sales?!

Alabama House Committee Passes Big Porn Tax?!

WTF?!? 300,000 Veterans Died Waiting For Care?!

Company Hikes Price 5,000% For Cancer Drug Huh

VA Deputies Are Your Friends Then They Kill You?!?

CA Deputies Shoot Man Recording Them With Phone

NYPD Put Woman In Mental Hospital Over Her BMW?

FL Cops Held Victims While Forcing K9 To Eat Them

VA High Schoolers Suspended For Confederate Flag

In God We Trust Decals On TX Police Cars Complaint

Facebook To Target Refugee-Related Hate Posts Huh

Obama Plan To Make 8M Immigrants Eligible To Vote!

German Girls Must Cover To Appease Syrian Refugees

Refugees Hosted In An Ex-Nazi Concentration Camp?!?

WTF?!? Russia To Destroy Obama Terrorists ISIS / ISIL!

US Asked To Close Airspace To Russian Aid Flights?!?

France Considering Strikes In Syria Sending Recon Jets

DOD Admits US SpecOps Boots On The Ground In Syria

Migrant Crisis! Denmark-Germany Rail Links Suspended

Hungary Begins A Razor-Wire Barrier On Croatia Border

Iran Supreme Leader Says Israel Won’t Exist In 25 Years!

Iran Finds High Uranium Reserve After Nuke Deal Huh?!?

AF Times Runs Ad Urging Drone Pilots Disobey Orders?!

US Drone Strikes Kill More Civilians Than AL-CIA-DA Huh

Current USGS Significant Earthquakes And 2.5 Plus Mags

Tsunami Waves Triggered By 8.3 Earthquake Strike Chile

Big Floods In Utah Kill 16 And Leave Four People Missing

Typhoon In Japan 100K Tons Of Radioactive Water Spill?!,-tons-of-radioactive-water-spilled-into-sea-35272.html

Climate Change Could Displace A Quarter Billion People!

Scientists Ask Obama To Prosecute Glob Warm Skeptics

A Mystery Fireball Lights Up Sky Over Bangkok Thailand?

Soyuz Rocket Delivers 2 Galileo Nav Satellites Into Orbit?

Threatened By Terrorists How Safe Is US Electrical Grid?

Planet X The Massive Perturber Hidden Beyond Pluto?!?

Missouri Mom Charged After Kids Found Living In Cave?

Teen Murdered Mom After Watching Beheading Video?!

Man Stabbed After Finding Wife In Bed With Her Father!

Virginia Couple Has Sex At Shop Center Parking Lot?!?

Snake Bites Farmer On Penis While Urinating In Field?!

Man Says 19-Inch Penis Is Too Large For Him To Work!

Missouri Transgender Teen The Homecoming Queen?!

WTF? Traditional Marriage Not Welcome At Starbucks

Rail Co Has No Explanation After Train Goes Missing?

Bristol Palin Vents Fury At Obama For Racial Division

Richard Dawkins Questions Ahmed Mohamed Motive

The Exact Pencil Box Clock GLP Thread (Must See)

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