The Jericho Report Weekly News Briefing # 169 09/01/2015

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VR To - VA Operation Blackjack Precursor?!

Dick Cheney Quotes Are Bizarre And Scary?

Until The End Of Time Alison By Daniel Wulz!

Real Love Matters By Montagraph (See 9:27)

What Some People Perceive As Their What?!

Father Will Need A Gun To Defend Himself?!?

Louisiana State Trooper Dies After Being Shot

Suspect Charged With Shooting Harris Deputy

Maher On Trump 'The Way Hitler Used To Talk'

Hawaii Sees Increase In GMO Birth Defects?!?

Champagne Cork Causes Emergency Landing

Insufficient Evidence To Verify MH370 Flaperon

How The Dow Jones Industrials Fared On Week

Monday's Historic Market Open Caught On Tape

Hundreds Arrested Beijing Launches Crackdown

Central Banks Can’t Save Markets From Crash?

NYSE Suffers Cosmetic Problem On Screens?!?

Charles Schwab Breaks Temporarily Unavailable

WTF 2,600 Die Within Weeks Of Being Ruled Fit

Stock Up Warns Former Gordon Brown Adviser?

Florida Police Dept Refuses Vet's Complaint Huh

Retired General Ashamed To Be An American?!?

Tennessee Police Under Investigation Over $12K!

Seinfeld Trolls Cops Who Shut Down Lemonade?

School District Issues Email Clarifying Flag Ban?!

Students Show Up Find No Room In Classrooms?

Pope Sends Letter Praising Gay Children's Book!

University Of Tennessee Stops Using He And She

TSA Screener Accused Of Molesting Student Huh!

Woman Beats Security By Chugging Whole Bottle!

WHAT?!? Russian Jets Are Now In Syrian Skies?!,7340,L-4696268,00.html

US Drone Strike In Syria Kills Top Derka Derka?!?

Osama Bin Laden Alive Edward Snowden Quote?!

Derka Derka Burns Prisoners Upside Down Chains

WTF?!? China Rocked By Another Chem Explosion

South Turns Off Propaganda As Koreas Reach Deal

Current USGS Significant Earthquakes And 2.5 Mag

WTF? Med Tsunami Once-A-Century Phenomenon?

Tropical Storm Erika Dominica's Progress Set Back

Keep Eyes On Fred! Weakens To A Tropical Storm?

Wells Run Dry! California Families Cope In Drought?

NASA Model Maps Sea Level Like Never Before?!?

China Sinkhole Swallows People Waiting On Bus?!?

Mysterious Streaks Of Light Seen Over Hawaii Skies

Year-Long Hawaii Mars Isolation Experiment Starting

Japanese Cargo Ship Delivers Booze To The ISS?!?

Only 3 Zip Codes Without Ashley Madison Accounts?

Ashley Madison Just Dudes Talking To Each Other?!

This Porn-Detecting Dog Helped Catch Jared Fogle!

Doctors Give Man Revolutionary Penis Replacement

Florida Man Claims He Is The Devil World Is Ending!

Holmes Gets 12 Life Sentences Plus 3,318 Years?!

WTF?!? Doom! Giant Red Ball Escapes In Toledo!

4 Arrested As 71 Migrants Found Decomposing?!

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