The Jericho Report Weekly News Briefing # 168 08/24/2015

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Explosion At US Military Facility In Japan?!?

Another Explosion At Chemical Plant In China

Americans Stop Gunman On European Train!

Man In Maine Stabbing Planned To Kill More?

Florida Students Machete Hack Classmate?!?

Jared Fogle To Plead Guilty On Child Porn?!?

Trump Welcomes A Bald Eagle To His Office?

Hillary Derp Plays Stupid On Server Wipe Out?

Obama Says Anyone That Opposes Is Terrorist

Obama Disapproval Grows To 51 Percent Huh!

How The Dow Jones Industrials Fared On Week

Dow Jones Industrials Read 16,666.66 On 08/21

Asian Stocks Swoon Shanghai Comp Down 6%!

Gulf Markets Melting Down Saudi Arabia Plunges

Netflix Crashed Tech And Media Stocks Plunge?!

Freight Rates From Asia To Europe Crash 60%?!

Man Killed By St Louis Police Was Shot In Back?!

Fires And Tear Gas In Wake Of St Louis Shooting

WTF? Philadelphia Officer Busted Extorting Driver

Worcester SWAT Raids Wrong Home Holds Mom!

The FBI Wants Better Image Analysis For Tattoos?

Docs Reveal Details Behind ATT-NSA Partnership

Google Humanoid Bot Walking In Woods Is Creepy

Windows 10 FYI Can Disable Your Pirated Games!,microsoft-can-disable-your-pirated-games-and-illegal-hardware.aspx

North / South Korea Resume Talks Amid Tension?!

50+ North Korea Submarines Leave Their Bases?!

Russia And Nato Are Actively Preparing For War?!

US Concerned About Russian Arms Sales To Iran?

US Increasing Global Mil Drones To 30K By 2019?

Obama Jokes About Predator Drone Kills In 2012?

Russia Deploying Air-Defense Systems To Arctic?!

Khamenei Urges Unity Against Enemies US / Israel

Syria To Bear Consequences For Attack Say Israel

Syria Ups Ante Shoots Down Zionist F-16 And Helo

Obama Spent $500M To Train Jihadi Elite Force?!?

Current USGS Significant Earthquakes And 2.5 Mag

Three Firefighters Killed In Washington State Wildfire

First Rainfall Since China Explosion Brings Foam?!?

Major US Aquifers Contaminated By Natural Uranium

Booze Sent To Space To Explore Mellow Mechanism

California Plans Taking Land For Huge Water Tunnel!

No Asteroid Threatening Earth Next Month Say NASA

The Russian Media Is Talking About What Is Coming?

WTF? Sydney Couple Finds Naked Man In Their Bed!

Woman Gets Revenge On Cheating Boyfriend Ouch?!

Teens Arrested In Carjacking / Kidnapping Fed Agent

Mother Kills Sons So Daughter Gets More Attention?!

Astronaut Claims Aliens Prevented Earth Nuke War?!

Presidential Candidate 'Deez Nuts' Polling At 9%?!?

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