The Jericho Report Weekly News Briefing # 167 08/18/2015

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Deadly Blast Rocks Thailand Capital

Avoid Contact With Rain Beijing Warns

Aerial Pictures Show Tianjin Devastation

Explosions Rip Through TX Chem Plant?!

US Flight Delays Caused By ATC Glitch?!

Indonesian Plane Crashes Kills 54 People

FDA Approves OxyContin For Children?!?

CA Adults To Jail If They Refuse Gov Vax?

Clinton Loves How Messages Disappear?

Hillary Chomps Pork As Donald Circles?!?

Scotland Bans GMO Crops Nationwide?!?

Yosemite Closes As Squirrels Have Plague

How The Dow Jones Industrial Fared Friday

Clinton To Propose $350B College Plan?!?

Our Debt Frozen At $18,112,975,000,000?!

Dollar Will Cease To Be Reserve Currency?

Greece Eurogroup Agrees To Third Bailout?

Eight Claim Sovereignty Arrested Squatting!

Bumble Bee Tuna $6M To Cook Employee?

Industry Making Too Much To Allow Gun Con

New Tech Makes Difficult For Credit Thieves

Mil Flamethrowers Now Being Sold To Public

LAPD Says Movie To Endanger Cops Safety

Cop Didn’t Shoot Attacker Due To Headlines

Cop Drags Mentally Ill Woman Down Stairs?!

Cops Shoot Unarmed Teen Then High Five?!

Protest After TX Officer Killed Unarmed Teen!

OH Deputy Resigns Over Excessive Force?!?

LAPD Handcuffs Boy For Not Wearing Helmet

Sheriff Deputies Beat Man In East Los Angeles

FL Cop Smashes Disabled Vet’s Cell Phone?!

Sandra Bland Removed From Car? (Must See)

North Korea Threatens To Attack The US Again

North Korea To Destroy South's Loudspeakers?

Russia Extends Food Embargo To 5 Countries?

Say What Now? Ukraine Erupts Into All Out War!

AL-CIA-DA 'US Doesn’t Know What’s Coming'?

US Should Consider Boots On Ground In Iraq?!?

Japan Making Stand Against Joining US Military

Iran Soon Able To Kill 90% Of US Population?!?

Chinese Mil To Control Machines With Minds?!?

US Flag Raised Over Reopened Cuba Embassy

Current USGS Significant Quakes And 2.5 Mags

A CME Hit Earth's Magnetic Field On August 15!

Kerry Says Cuba Can Help Climate Change Huh

The Cold Kills One Million Head Of Cattle In Peru

Did Los Angeles Just Poison Entire Water Supply

A Letter Predicted EPA Spill One Week Before?!

Horror On Delta Flight As Hail Shattered Plane?!?

Japan Opens Nuclear Plant As Volcano Erupts?!?

Potentially Dazzling Perseid Meteor Shower Peak

Asteroid Impact Early Warning Telescope Now Up

Sweden Scrambles To Produce Black Band Aid?!

Target To Remove Gender Based Signs In Stores

Woman Beaten To Death Over Food Stamp Card

Man Goes Into Home Removes Confederate Flag

Mom Teaching Five Year Old To Shoplift Alcohol?

Mom Has Four Year Old Blow Into Breathalyzer?!

White House Aide Arrested Shooting Boyfriend?

Rifle Accidentally Discharges And Kills Owner?!

Handgun Phone Case Draws Armed RCMP?!?

Man In Bear Costume Harasses Bear In Alaska

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