The Jericho Report Weekly News Briefing # 166 08/11/2015

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Shots Fired During Ferguson Anniversary

Authorities Declare State Of Emergency?!

Suspect In Nashville Had An Airsoft Gun?!?

CA Man Killed By Police Stabbed 6 People;-suspect-killed/913061/

Dozens Dead As Two Trains Derail In India!

Pilot Questions Bin Laden Plane Crash Huh

DHS Alert After Drones Spotted Above JFK

Bombs Explode Outside Churches In NM?!?

RI Mandates HPV Vax For Seventh Graders

Scientists Sound Alarm Over Super GMO's?

Obama Gets A Jump On Vineyard Vacation!

Obama Stonewalls SEAL Helo Crash Probe!

How The Dow Jones Industrials Fared Friday

Americans Not In The Labor Force At 93.8M!

Student Debt Relief To Cost Taxpayers $39B

The End Of Coal? Bankruptcy To Be Trouble!

Apple Stock Implosion Shreds $113.4B Huh?

Keurig To Now Cut About 200 Vermont Jobs!

Dems Defeat De-Fund Planned Parenthood?

IRS Lois Lerner Called Conservatives A-Hole

KY Deputy Handcuffs Kid With Disabilities?!?

CA Cop Stalks Man Then Pulls Gun On Him?!

Baltimore Calls In Feds To Help Homicide Div

CA Cops Say Video Violated Their Privacy?!?

LA Council Backs New Rules For Gun Storage

ID Reps Rally To Stop Gun Confiscation Of Vet

Audiences Want Metal Detectors In Theaters?!

Fingerprints Will Gain Faster Stadium Access?

Illegal Alien Crime Account For 30% Of Murder

CA Appoints Illegal Immigrants Commissioners

ISIS Is Preparing To Attack India Says Report?!

AL-CIA-DA Calls For New Attacks Against US!

Obama Just Authorized War With Syria WW3?!

Obama Starts Armed Drone Flights Over Syria?

Ok WTF?!? Iran Warns Of A Third World War?!?

Israel Will Bear Brunt If Congress Rejects Deal?!

Russia Formally Stakes Claim To North Pole Huh

North Korea Is Now Creating Its Own Time Zone?

Current USGS Significant Quakes And 2.5+ Mag

Heat And Drought Cook Fish Alive In Northwest?

A Big Typhoon Hit China After Sweeping Taiwan!

Hilda Maintaining Strength Inching Toward Hawaii

Oh Noz! Massive New Sinkhole Hits Brooklyn NY!

WTF?! EPA Spills 1M Gallons Mine Waste In CO!

NASA Camera Shows Moon Crossing The Earth?

Curiosity Rover Took A Picture Of Lady On Mars?!

Men Accused Of Using Taco Bell As Meth Lab Huh

Suspected Meth Lab Explodes In US Gov Building!

Weaponized Weed Triggering Psychotic Rampage

US Coast Guard Loses 4K Pounds Of Cocaine?!?

Man Shot Neighbor Ran Her Over With A Mower?!

Criminal On Cam Trying To Chew Off Fingerprints!

Woman Steals Plane Has No Flight Experience?!

WTF OMG! Lenny Kravitz’s Penis Totally Fell Out!

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