The Jericho Report Weekly News Briefing # 165 08/02/2015

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Investigators Probe Wreckage For Link To MH370!

Bin Laden Family Jet Exploded After Overshooting?

Wrestling Legend Rowdy Roddy Piper Dead At 61?

Bobbi Kristina Brown Daughter Of Whitney Is Dead?

Obama Jokes About Birth Certificate In Kenya Visit?

Obama Says If He Ran A Third Term He Could Win?

Donald Trump Dominates Nightly News On Election!

Trump Supporters Are Not Patriotic Says Graham?!?

New Ebola Vaccine Is A Potential Game Changer?!?

Sierra Leone Ebola Setback 500 Under Quarantine?!

WTF? Americans Have Been Overdosed On Fluoride

Cancer Industry Profits By Molecule Injected Via Vax?

How The DOW Jones Industrial Average Fared Friday

Chinese Markets Tumble 8.5 Percent In Just One Day

US Homeownership Rate Drops To 63.4 Percent Huh

The Greek Debt Crisis Adds To A Spike In Robberies

McDonald's Sales Drop Worldwide On Healthy Gains!

Lines Out Door For Nation’s First Organic Drive-Thru?

Uber Is Now The Most Valuable Startup In The World?!

Uber Attacked At Mexico City Airport By Taxi Drivers?!

FYI Chrysler Must Offer To Buy Back 500,000 Pickups!

FYI Honda Also Recalls More Than 45,000 Motorcycles

Mitch McConnell Votes To Fund Planned Parenthood?!

Republicans To Shut Down Gov If Its Not De-Funded?!?

Video Shows Medford Police Officer Threatening Driver

Salinas Police Use Excessive Force On Mentally Ill Man

An HPD Officer Charged With Assault For Body Slam?!

Gay Man Pulled From Home Beaten By NYPD Officers?

Sarah Lee Circle Bear Died While In Police Custody?!?

UOC Officer Who Shot Man Now Charged With Murder!

Marine Corps Emblem Violates Community Standards?

WTF?!? Disciplinary Action For Violating Gun Policy?!?

Shooting Not Terrorism Out Of Respect For Muslims?!?

Americans Having Guns Worse Than Islamic Terrorism!

UN Makes Massive Move To Destroy US Constitution?!

DHS / FEMA Plan For Extremists And Gov Propaganda

Explosion Shuts Down Iran-Turkey Natural Gas Pipeline!

Turkey’s Peace With Kurds Splinters As Car Bomb Kills

Tweet From Iran Shows Obama With Gun To His Head?

WTF?!? No Access To Agreement On Iran Side Deals?

ISIS Is No Weaker Than A Year Ago Despite Bombings

ISIS Recruiting Offsets 15,000 Killed By US Airstrikes?!

US Issues Worldwide Caution For Citizens Over Threats

Terrorist Linked Crime-Ring Infiltrated Bank Of England?

WTF?! Russia Now Uses Veto To Block MH17 Tribunal!

N Korea Rules Out Nuke Deal Says Weapons Not Toys!

The Military Will Test New Terrifyingly Loud Noise Gun?!

NATO To Launch Largest Military Exercise In 13 Years?

Current USGS Significant Earthquakes And 2.5+ Mags

Can The Government Truly Predict Earthquakes? Hmm

Heads Up! Hurricane Guillermo 920 Miles From Hawaii

The Alaska Wildfire And What It Says About Climate?!?

Iran City Hits Suffocating Heat Index Of 165 Degrees?!?

Iran Confirms Meteor Hit In Northern Part Of The Country

Gobbling Up Some Space Debris Pac-Man Approach?!

A Moon Base Cheap With Help From Private Industry?!?

Removal Of Protective Shroud Over Fukushima Reactor!

WTF! Fukushima Almost Five Years Later And Just Look

Icebreaker Back To Dock After Standoff With Protesters?

World Will Have Just 12 Hours Warning If The Sun Erupts!

Road Rage Clash As Victim And Attacker Both Call 911?

WTF?!? Police Probe Decapitation Of Woman And Dogs

Ban Killer Robots Before They Take Over Says Hawking?

Woman Jailed For Disruption In Theater Shooting Court?!

Hungry Man Calls Police On Cat For Eating His Bacon?!?

A 911 Dispatcher Hung Up On Woman Giving First Aid?!?

A Brazilian Cyclist Lifts Parked Car Off Blocked Bike Path

Man Arrested Over Shooting Down Drone Cites Privacy?!

Huh? Recruiting Office Stacks Sandbags For Self-Defense

Man Accused In Night Vision Goggles Case Goes To Utah

Satanic Monument Debuts In Detroit Ahead Arkansas Visit

WTF?!? Nepal Boy Slain In Human Sacrifice Ritual?!?

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