The Jericho Report Weekly News Briefing # 164 07/26/2015

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Lafayette Theater Shooter Bought Gun Legally

His Mental Problems Did Not Stop The Gun Buy

Obama Says Gun Laws Are Biggest Frustration

Oklahoma Police Scour For Clues To Stabbings

In Chicago 7 Dead / 35 Wounded In Shootings?!

Civilian Guards Ordered To Leave After Misfire?

Holistic Cancer Treatment Doc Dies Suddenly?!?

Another Doc Found Murdered In Florida Home?!?

Obama Returns To His Homeland Of Kenya Huh?

Chrysler Recalls 1.4M Vehicles To Prevent Hack?

How The DOW Jones Industrials Fared On Friday

Gold Falls To Lowest In Years On Dollar Strength?

Applications For US Unemployment Aid Plummet!

Shock Report Says China Dumps Half A Trillion?!?

Medicaid Surges Stirs Worry About State Budgets

Social Security Disability Fund Runs Dry Next Year

FCC Chairman Recommends ATT / DirecTV Deal

Huh?!? Insurers Refuse To Cover Older Vehicles?!

Mississippi Man Hogtied By Police Before Dying?!

WTF?!? Police Shooting In Cincinnati Traffic Stop?

Bland Autopsy No Injuries Consistent Of Homicide?

Honolulu Approves Settlement In Brutality Lawsuit?!

Revenge On Gun Store That Dared To Ban Muslims

Huh?!? Obama Takes Out Pledge To Defend USA?

TX Covers Land With Pig Blood To Block Cemetery

Seattle Offering Sharia Law Compliant Home Loans

ALERT! US House Passes Anti-GMO Labeling Law

Send 'Radicalized Americans' To FEMA Camps?!?

John Kerry Calls Talk Of Better Iran Deal A Fantasy?

Palin Says Stop The Madness Of Surrender To Iran!

US / Cuba Restore Diplomatic Ties After 5 Decades

US / Russian Oligarchs Conspiring Removal Of Putin

Senior AL-CIA-DA Leader Killed In US Drone Strike!

Ut Oh! ISIS Now A Bigger Threat Than AL-CIA-DA?!?

US And Turkey Launch Second Raid On ISIS In Syria!

MI5 Says ISIS To Bomb Football Games With Drones

Current USGS Significant Earthquakes And 2.5 Mags

WTF! FEMA Official Warns Massive Disaster Coming

Another WTF Heading Toward An EMP Catastrophe?

Strong El Nino's Impact On Atlantic Hurricane Season!

Tepco Finally Admitted Irregular Sinking In Fukushima!

Shutdown / Elevated Rad Levels At Ameren Missouri?

Stephen Hawking Helps Launch Massive ET Search?!

Facts About New Second Earth Planet Kepler 452-B?!

Man Discovers Burglar Under Bed Days After Break-In

Bear Snags 20 Pounds Dog Food Enters Food Coma!

Atomic Wedgie Killer Sentenced To 30 Years In Prison

WTF? SUV Backs Over Woman Unloading Groceries?

WTF?!? Man Found With 30 Eyeballs In Anal Cavity?!?

Man Ordered To Keep BBQ From Leaving Property?!?

Body Of Man Believed To Be Human / Alien Hybrid?!?

3D Printing Grows Objects From Pool Of Liquid?!?

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