The Jericho Report Weekly News Briefing # 163 07/20/2015

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Five Dead In Chattanooga Shooting

Louisiana Gov EO To Arm Guardsmen

Virginia Man With AR-15 Stands Guard

Boston PD Captain’s Son Plots Attack?!

JH 15 Kicks Off With A Media Blackout?!

Mexico Manhunt For Drug Lord El Chapo!

Girl Alive Two Others Dead In Wash Crash

Emergency Landing On Busy NJ Highway?

Montana Crude Oil Train Derailment Evac?

California Unvaxed Adults Now Criminals?!

How The Dow Industrials Fared Last Week

Greece PM Sells Out Entire Country To EU

China Dumps $143B In US Treasurys Huh?

24 Nations Currently Facing A Debt Crisis?

Pension Shocker! Plans Face $2T Shortfall

$3.5M To Find Out Why Lesbians Are Fat?!

A 400 Percent Gas Tax Hike For Hawaii?!?

Honda Pays $24M For Overcharging Who?!

Obamacare Fine Paid By $6.6M Taxpayers!

$1M Reward Offered For Wiz Of Oz Slippers

Gardena Police Video Cold-Blooded Killing?

Naperville Woman Found Dead In Texas Jail

Teen Tasered By Cops Was Having Seizure!

NYC To Pay Eric Garner's Family $5.9M Huh

Extend Social Security Background Checks?!

Murder Rates Drop As Carry Permits Soar?!?

Empire State Building Lit Up For Ramadan?!?

Former DHS Advisor Tweets Allahu Akbar Huh

TSA Chief Vows To Make Necessary Changes

WTF? 73 TSA Workers With Ties To Terrorism

It Seems We Now Have An Iran Nuclear Deal?!

WTF?!? Iran Fines US Administration $50B?!?

Obama Scolds Critics And Press On Iran Deal!

10 Chinese Boats Intercepted Off Gujarat Coast

ISIS Rocket Strike On Egyptian Ship In The Med

Flight MH17 Report Blames A Russian Missile?!

Current USGS Significant Quakes And 2.5 Mags

Massive Mega-Quake Could Destroy Pacific NW

Nexen Pipeline Leak In Alberta Spills 5M Litres?!

Major Wildfire Sweeps Across California Highway

After 4K Mile Trek Typhoon Nangka Batters Japan

Dead Dolphins Found With White Radiated Lungs!

Car Drives Backwards For Miles On Laurel Canyon

Possessed Woman Acts A Fool On Highway Ramp

Sex Toys Dangling From Power Lines In Portland?!

Florida Teen Took Oral-Sex Selfies With Pit Bull?!?

Hearse Stolen During Funeral In Buffalo New York?

Cemetery Worker Using Tombstones As Flooring?

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