The Jericho Report Weekly News Briefing # 162 07/12/2015

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No Dirty Bomb Attack Now What?

Three ISIS Arrested Over 7/7 Plot?

AF Drops Dummy Nuke In Nevada!

US Not Prepared For Chem Attack

Obama Knew Of Benghazi Planning

21.5M Affected By Background Hack

SW Flight Returns After A Blown Tire!

SW Flight Aborts Over Engine Fire?!?

Autism Doc Who Exposed Vax Dead?

More Docs Missing As 3 Found Dead!

How The Dow Industrials Fared Friday

NY Exchange Shutdown Over An Issue

SmokinJoeTrainer Talks World Market

Montagraph Also Covers World Market

Euro Threatens Greeks Armageddon?!

China Bans Stock Sales For 6 Months?

Chicago Kicks In Streaming Cloud Tax!

Emanuel Announces 1,400 CPS Layoffs

Orange County Wakes Up To $4.35 Gas

MasterCard Testing Pay With Your Face

Michael Brown Exhibit Opens In Chicago

Judge Prohibits Records In AME Shoot?

Suspect In SF Killing Deported 5 Times?

Gun In SF Killing Belonged To Feds Huh!

HUD Unveils Reg To Diversify The Hood!

Ammo For Hoover Dam Prompts Inquiry?

Ok Court Rules Commandments To Go?!

Texans Organize Op Counter Jade Helm!

Baltimore Fires Chief Over Crime Surge?

James Boyd Family Gets $5M Settlement

United Flights Grounded Across US Huh?!

Missile Battery Gets Orders From Hacker!

Putin Unveils Russian Straight Pride Flag?

Russia Has Superweapon For The Enemy

The Iran Deal Is Done Israeli Report Says?

Iran Sends Officials To Talks At Deadline?

Obama Speeding Up Training Of ISIL Huh!

US Strikes Destroy Islamic State Branch?!

WTF? Human Experiments In North Korea!

USA Is Not Safe Unless It Conquers World!

Current USGS Significant Quakes / 2.5+ M

Hundreds Evac As Mexico Volcano Erupts!

Bison Attack Two More At Yellowstone Huh

Yellowstone Loses Tracking Radio Freqs?!

World Militaries Prep For Climate Change?

WTF? Thousands Of Birds Abandon Nests!

Houston To Build 10Th Licensed Spaceport

Man Spends Years Serving A Space Fleet?

The Crop Formation With Ominous Warning

NASA Openly Admits That Alien Life Exists!

What The Fook? McDonald's Says No Way!

McDonald’s To Add Lab-Grown McNuggets

Man Trying To Rob Ex-CNN Anchor A Slave

Man Stabbed Parents In Comp Simulation?!

Man Indicted For Plotting Muslim Massacre!

The Grisly Inmate Death At Solano Prison?!

Black Teacher Will Not Serve White People

White Transplant Patient Skin Now Black?!

Cosby Got Drugs To Give Women For Sex

First Japan Robot Wedding Takes Place?

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