The Jericho Report Weekly News Briefing # 161 06/23/2015

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Church Holds Service In Just Four Days?!?

WTF?!? $29M To Help Charleston Families

Gun Laws After Newtown Would Stop This?!

Karl Rove Says Repeal Second Amendment

Roof Named Charleston Target In Manifesto?

Comparison Pics Of Shooters! / GLP Thread

Senate Bill To Retrofit Guns With Smart Tech

Yet Another Obama Trade Bill Passes Huh?!?

North Korea Claims It Has Found Zelda Potion

GMOs DNA Can Pass Directly Into Humans?!?

How The Dow Jones Industrials Fared On Week

Fragile Economy A Slow Path On Rate Increases

Cash Leaves Greece $4.5B Of ATM Withdrawals

Russia / China Exclude Dollar In Gas Settlements

Firearms Co Colt Files For Bankruptcy Protection

Target Sells Pharmacy Clinic Businesses To CVS

Firm Let Clintons Skim Millions From AIDS Charity

Florida Man Tries To Blow Up Foreclosed Home?!

Obamaphone Program Expands To Internet Use?!?

JP Morgan Vice Chairman Jimmy Lee Dies Huh?!?

Man Shot In Head After Flagging Down The LAPD?

4YO Girl Accidentally Shot By Columbus Police Huh

Cop Pounds Man With Shotgun After Man Complied

NJ Cop Kills Ex-Wife In Cold Blood In Front Of Child

Senator Proposes GPS Implants To Track Convicts!

CA Police Eat Edibles Joke About Kicking Amputee

Veteran's Off Grid Trailer Condemned By Huntsville?

Smart Cities Next Phase In 21St Century Surveillance

Park Visitors To Wear Islamically Appropriate Clothes

Old Wal-Mart Being Refurbished As Gov-Run Prison?!

Russia / China Have Ed Snowden Files Exposing US!

US Actions Lead To New Cold War Says Putin Huh?!?

Very Sad! Kids Are Paying The Price For Yemen War!

Yemen Al-Qaeda Chief Al-Wuhayshi Killed In US Strike

Burka-Clad Man Arrested After Police Detonate Box?!?

Men Carrying Nuclear Material At Turkey Border Huh?!?

Boo! Inside Derka Derka Rule Creating Nation Of Fear!

George Noory Says America Vulnerable To EMP Attack

Bush Officials To Be Sued For Abuse Of 9/11 Detainees

Ex-Israeli Foreign Minister Avoids War Crimes Arrest?!?

Current USGS Significant Earthquakes / 2.5+ Magnitude

Mount Everest Moves An Inch SW After Nepal Quake?!?

WTF?!? Escaped Zoo Tiger Kills Man In Tbilisi Georgia!

Firefighters From Lower 48 Heading To Interior Alaska?!

Thousands Of Jellyfish Wash Up On Beach In Wales Huh

Both Oak Island NC Shark Bite Victims In Good Condition

Earth’s Sixth Mass Extinction Has Begun Study Confirms?

WTF? Vatican Thinks There Are 6 Billion Too Many Of Us

NASA Satellite Falls Out Of Space Burns Up Over Tropics

Cam Enables 4K Video From International Space Station?

CNN Called Gunman Who Opened Fire On Cops Brave?!?

Man Arrested For Smashing TVs With Bat In HI Wal-Mart?!

Former NFL Cheerleader Admits To Rape Of 15 Year Old?

Daycare Worker Accidentally Raped 5YO In Tickle Fight?!?

School Creates Texting Lane For Phone-Focused Walkers!

Driver Leaps To Street To Throttle Woman Who Filmed Her

WTF?!? Two Pounds Of Cocaine Seized Inside Fried Fish!

California Customer Claims KFC Served Him Fried Rat?!?

NY Jail Digs Up Apparent Escape Plot Involving 64 Sheets

Man Literally Gave His Ex-Wife Half Of Everything LMAO!

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