The Jericho Report Weekly News Briefing # 160 06/14/2015

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Suspect Dead After Dallas Police Attack

Armored Van Shoots At Dallas HQ / Video

Dallas PD Standoff Psyop What We Know

Cops Search For Prisoners / Boston Part 2

Massive Breach Of Federal Personnel Data

Net Neutrality Takes Effect Despite Objection

CA Lawmakers Pass Mandatory Vaccine Bill

50 IN Students Test Positive For Tuberculosis

Google And Amazon Want Your DNA In Cloud

US Govs Bitch Monsanto To Change Name?!?

How The DOW Industrials Fared On The Week

HSBC Preparing Job Cut That May Target 20K

Pink Slip At Disney With Foreign Replacement

Illegals Get Back Taxes Under Obama Amnesty

Obamacare Premium Could Spike 50 Percent?

Hospitals Charge Uninsured 10 Times More?!?

Report Reveals $8.5T Missing From Pentagon?

USSA Offers $20M Bounty For ISIS Leaders?!?

Wounded Warrior Charity Fights To Get Rich?!?

WTF?!? Texas Pulls $1B In Gold From NYC Fed

California Police Viciously Beat Mentally Ill Man?

Graphic Body Cam Footage Of Killer UT Cop?!?

Texas Police Shut Down Girls Lemonade Stand!

Owner Of House Blown Up By CO SWAT Talks?

TX Cop Suspended (Video @ 3:20) Is This Ok?!

TX Tyranny? Waco Judge To Let Bikers Go But?

FL School To Monitor Students On Social Media!

Schools Start Gun Buybacks?! (Just A Reminder)

Breathalyzer Suggested By Transportation Dept?

WTF?!? How Secretive Is The TPP Asks CNN?!?

Iran Is Violating Agreement Developing Missiles?!

Israel Unleashed Cyberweapon On The Iran Talks!

Syrian Elec Army Claims Hack Of Army Website?!

China Says Hacking Claim Irresponsible Trust Us?

China Warns WW3 Unless The US Backs Down?!?

Massive Cloud Sparks Russian Nuke Attack Panic!

RAF Typhoons Intercept Two Russian Military Craft!

Report Says Russia / China Crack Snowden Docs?

USA Lacks Complete Strategy For Training Iraqis?!

USA Poised To Put Heavy Weaponry In E Europe?!

Current USGS Significant Quakes / 2.5+ Magnitude

LHC Season 2! First Physics At 13 TeV Starts Up?!

RICO Laws To Prosecute Global Warming Skeptics

Indonesia Volcano At High Alert Level Fresh Burst?!

WTF?!? USA Water Bandits Tap Into CA Drought?!?

Half China's Underground Water Not Fit For Humans!

WTF?!? Sea Creatures Fall From Sky In AK Town?!?

Thrusters On Soyuz Spacecraft Fire Unexpectedly?!?

Woman Destroys Convenience Store Over Skittles?!

Shock Video Shows Two Women In Walmart Brawl?

FDA Supports Female Libido Drug With Risk Plan?!

Huh?!? School Trip To Smitten Kitten Sex Toy Store!

Pimp Pope Says Koran And Bible Are The Same?!?

Marijuana Religious Group Schedules First Service?

Things Are Tough In Chicago With All These Fights!

Ahhh! Godzilla Is Now An Official Citizen Of Japan?

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