The Jericho Report Weekly News Briefing # 159 06/01/2015

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Two Dead In Shooting At Grand Forks Wal-Mart

Melbourne Pilot Smelled Like Alcohol After Crash

Malaysia Airlines To Lay Off One-Third Of Staff?!?

Anon Threats Against Airliners Prompt Searches?

Joe Biden's Son Beau Dies Of Brain Cancer Huh?

John Kerry Breaks Leg In Cycling Accident In Alps!

Yea! Texas Passes Open-Carry Law For Handguns

WTF? HBO To Join Bloomberg For Anti-Gun Event

How The DOW Jones Industrials Fared Last Friday

World Is Drowning In Debt Warns Goldman Sachs?

Overdraft Fees Top $1 Billion At Big Three Banks?!

The IRS Says Thieves Stole Tax Info From 100,000!

Detroit Is Starting To Shut Off People’s Water Again

House Bill To Require Gun Owners Have Insurance?

Are We At Turning Point?! What We Spend On ISIS!

Iraq Lost 2,300 Humvees To ISIS Worth $579 Million

California Cops Tussle Pregnant Woman To Ground

Texas Cops Throw Grenade In Innocent Mans Home

Clinton Says Religious Beliefs Changed On Abortion

Marine Court-Martialed Over Display Of Bible Verse!

'One World Observatory' Opens At New WTC Huh?!?

Pope To Call Upon Crusade For 'New World Order'?!

Senate Last-Minute Attempt To Revive The Patriot Act

Panel Let Injunction Against Obama Immigration Stand

ISIS Vows To Take Obama To Avenge Sayyaf's Killing!

Pilots Frustrated Over Ineffective ISIS Air Campaign?!?

Russia Nuclear Threats Deeply Troubling Says NATO?

Soros Warns China-US On Threshold Of World War 3?

North Korean Hackers Could Kill Warns Key Defector?!

North Korea Working With Iran To Develop Warhead?!?

US Removes Cuba From State-Sponsored Terror List?!

UK F-15Es Flew Secret Long-Range Mission In Africa?!

Current USGS Significant Earthquakes / 2.5+ Magnitude

A Magnitude 8.5 Earthquake Strikes Off Eastern Japan?

Obama Disaster Declaration Signed After Texas Storms

Meteorologists Predict A Much Busier Hurricane Season

Indians Scramble For Heat Relief But Many Still Do Work

Japan Issues Evacuation Warnings After Volcano Erupts!

The Ocean Off The California Coast Is Turning Into Desert

Endangered Antelope Die Off In A Few Days 85K Dead?!

38-Year-Old Woman Bites Thumb Of 22-Year-Old Woman

Woman Stabbed In Eye With Fork In Fight Over Last Rib?

This Woman To Walk 30 Miles For Bailing On Cab Fare?!

WTF?!? This Man Painted Obama With His Erect Penis?!

Huh? Kenyan Lawyer Offers Sheep For Obama Daughter!

Cow Escapes Only To Be Killed Near A McDonald’s?!?

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