The Jericho Report Weekly News Briefing # 156 05/09/2015

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4 Dead In Atlanta Plane Crash

Bomb Train Derails In North Dakota

FBI Agent Accused Of Threats At CIA

US Lowers Fluoride Recommendations

Doctor Free Of Ebola Finds Virus In Eye

Ft Myers Man With Flesh Eating Bacteria

Deterioration In DNA Of The Urban Poor?

Plans To Bomb Nurseries To Kill Babies?

NYPD Officer Dies After Gunshot To Head

US Marine Died Of Self-Inflicted Gunshot?!

How Dow Jones Industrials Fared On Week

Swiss Market Collapses Instantaneously?!?

Yay! The US Economy Adds 223,000 Jobs?

US Postal Service Reported Loss Of $1.5B!

IRS Issues $5.6B In Bogus Education Credit

No Food Stamps For Parents Of Protesting?

Over 3 Million People Need Food In Nepal?!?

A HI Homeless Encampment Doubles In Size!

CA School Has $63K For Facial Recognition!

Police Seize 10 Children From Homeschool?!

WTF?! LAPD Shoots Unarmed Man In Venice

Family Of HI Man Who Died In Police Jail Cell!

TN Officer Caught Threatening To Shoot Man?

WTF?!? Officer Bites Testicles In Baltimore?!?

Surveillance Planes Fly Over Baltimore Huh?!?

St Louis Police Reveal Hi-Tech Crime Center?

Secret Deal On Gun Restrictions / Ammo Bans

How Much World Opposes The US Police State

Court Rules NSA Illegal And Must Be Stopped?

Law Use Of Illegal Surveillance Against Citizens

ISIS Prompts Threat Level Increase At US Bases

Thousands Of Online Followers Inside Homeland

US Strikes Miss ISIS But Kill 52 Syrian Civilians?

Pakistan Helicopter Crash Kills Foreign Diplomats

The First Saudi Ground Troops Arrive In Yemen?!

Report Says North Korea Tests Ballistic Missile?!

WTF? China Declares War On Islam No Prayer?!

Also Two Chinese Warships Enter The Black Sea

Current USGS Significant Quakes And 2.5+ Mags

Many States All Jolted By Significant Earthquakes

Spring Tornadoes Oklahoma / Kansas / Nebraska!

Winds Strengthen As Storm Approaches US Coast

Underwater Volcano May Be Erupting Off Oregon?!

FYI Emergency 25% Cut In California Cities Water?

Sun Unleashes Most Powerful Solar Flare Of 2015?

WTF! 2.5 Mile Wide Comet Headed Toward Earth?

Look Out! Car Drives Into Springfield Papa John's?

I Want Swim? Spooked Dog Drives Truck To Pool!

Huh? Boy In Suitcase Discovered In Spain Airport?

Price Is Right Offers Woman In Chair A Treadmill?!

Couple Faces 15 Years In Prison For Beach Sex?!

$17M Of Cocaine Accidentally Delivered To Aldi?!

WTF? Twins Have Different Fathers Judge Finds?

Woman Blames Divorce On Facebook Obsession

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