The Jericho Report Weekly News Briefing # 157 05/17/2015

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8 Dead / All Accounted For In Amtrak Crash

Train Hit By Projectile Before Amtrak Crash?

4 Dead After Military Plane Crashes In Spain

Survivors Unlikely In Nepal Helicopter Crash?

4 Arrested In Murders Of Mississippi Officers

Another Drone Over White House Fence Huh

Bush Praises Com Core And Defends War?!

Clinton Equates Gun Owners With Terrorists?

Fed Bill Would Require All Students Vaxed?!?

Was There A Cover-Up In Bin Laden Killing?!?

How DOW Jones Industrials Fared This Week

Yuan May Draw $1T On Getting IMF Reserve?

Blue Bell To Lay Off Workers / Suspend Ops?

Verizon Buys AOL For $4B In Mobile Vid Bet!

Stephanopoulos Out After Clinton Donations?!

Uncle Sam Paying NFL To Promote War State

WTF?!? Obama Says The Rich Are Not Evil?!?

War Against Rothschild Khazarian Mafia Huh?!

Cop Shot Man Who Had Done Nothing Wrong?

Cop Indicted For Kicking Suspect In The Face!

Man Calls Cops To Help Girlfriend Cop Rapes!

Sexually Abused By Chicago Police Black Site!

A Shock Report About Secret Obama Treaty?!?

Senate Passes Obama TPP Trade Proposal?!?

Obama Admits To Breaking Amnesty Injunction?

ICANN Sees Privatization Of Internet Very Soon!

ISIS Now Shaken By US Killing Vow Revenge?!?

ISIS Suspects Escape Iraq Prison Following Riot

Mightily Armed Russia Relishes Show Of Strength

North Korea Show Of Force Greets US Diplomatic

North Korea Executes Chief With Anti-Aircraft Gun

President Mohammed Morsi Sentenced To Death!

Ut Oh! Saudi’s Did More Than Snub Obama Huh?!

Every Terror Attack In US Is A False Flag Attack?!?

Current USGS Significant Earthquakes / 2.5+ Mags

In Nepal Emergency Measles Jabs Given To 500?!

WX Service Says Typhoon Dolphin To Pass Guam

Storm Triggers 45-Foot Wide Sinkhole In Texas?!?

Washington State Declares Drought Emergency?!?

40 Percent Of Honeybee Population Lost Over Year

Comet Headed To Earth To Arrive In September?!?

Planet Earth Faces Killer Strikes Starting In 2017?!?

WTF? Boys Dressing As Girls Can Join Girl Scouts?

Gay Couple Sues Airlines For Exposing Sex Toys?!?

Man Attacked Women With Hammer In Union Square

Oklahoma Man Killed Stepdad With Atomic Wedgie?

WTF?!? This Snake Swallowed BBQ Tongs?!? Ouch

Zimmerman Suffers Minor Injuries In Shooting Incident

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