The Jericho Report Weekly News Briefing # 155 05/02/2015

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Gray’s Death A Homicide Officers Charged

Baltimore Riots Hogan Declares Emergency

Mayor Gave People Space To Destroy City?

Baltimore Martial Law What US Is Becoming

Philly Police Clash With Baltimore Supporters

Hundreds Gather In Chicago To Protest Police

Bloods And Crips Team Up To Protest Police?

No Cheers From Fans For Baltimore Orioles?!?

Marine Base Hawaii Commander Relieved Huh

High Rank NAVY Officer Drowns During Biathlon

Study Finds Vaccines Not Linked To Autism Huh

CA Bill To Force Vax Passed Senate Committee

How The DOW Jones Industrials Fared On Friday

Rich Get Richer In UK Index Of Wealthiest People

US Steel CEO Says Layoff Notices Rise To 9,000

Bob Evans To Close Underperforming Restaurants

UK Economic Growth Slow To Just 0.3% Per ONS

Europe Unseats US As Best Place To Invest In Poll

Cash To Clinton Foundation Amid Russian Uranium

How For-Profit Prisons Have Become Big Lobby?!?

This Motel 6 Snitches To Police About Every Guest?

LAPD Body Camera Rule Barring Public From View

Death Of Teen Shot By Zion Police Ruled Homicide!

Video Shows Cop Breaking Drunk Woman's Face?!

Carroll Co To Start Randomly Drug Testing Students

CO Teacher Sends Home Note About Lunch Cookie

Abbott Orders Texas Guard To Keep Eyes On JH15!

WH Reassures Conspiracy Theorists About JH15?!?

FBI Probes An ISIS Inspired Threat To United States!

ISIS Threat Reported Official Denies Threat To LAX?

Iran Intercepts A Cargo Ship US Moves To Respond?

Congress Does Not Have Votes To Stop Iran Deal?!?

Russia Conducts Nuclear Bomber Flight Near Alaska!

FBI Deception To Cover Up Saudi Link To 9/11 Attack

Current USGS Significant Earthquakes And 2.5+ Mags

Danger Zones Emerge On New US Quake Haz Map?!?

Photos Show Train Cars Blown Off New Orleans Bridge

Chasers Take Cover From Huge Hail In Stephenville TX

UFO? Meteor? Fireball Shot Over UK Skies 04/27/2015

Meteor Exploded Over Ireland With Force Of A Bomb?!?

Employees Charged In Death Of Worker Cooked In Tuna

Police Flood Mansfield Man's Basement To End Standoff

Court Affirms Dad's Rights In Turkey Baster Conception?

Muslim Women Must Have Sex With Husband On Camel

Worker Swiped 15K Worth Of Goods Cleaning Planes?!

Texas A&M Professor Fails Entire Class Then Quits?!?

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