The Jericho Report Weekly News Briefing # 154 04/25/2015

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Boat Capsizes In Mediterranean

Radioactive Drone At Japan PM

Lady Liberty Suspicious Package

WH Arrested Man Climbing Fence

Man Dies After Walmart Standoff?!?

Columbine Anniversary Shooting Plot

Weedkiller Cause Of Nigeria Disease

Bird Flu Continues In Flock Of Millions

School Blames Lighting For BO Lunch

FYI Dr Oz Is Under Attack Over GMOs!

How DOW Jones Industrials Did Friday

Dollar Substitute To Go Public Oct 20?!

IMF 'Brace For Global Liquidity Shock'?

China Upsetting Old Global Econ Order!

WTF! McDonald's To Close 900 Stores?

Greek White Knight Emerges As Putin?!?

Health Law Brings Growth In Food Stamps

Average Fine For Noncompliance $1,130!

8M Calls Unanswered As IRS Cuts Service

Army Will Close 10 Warrior Transition Units

Video Shows Cop Knocking Woman Out?!?

Cops Kill Man Refusing ID At Animal Shelter

Cops Seize Child Arrest Mom For Marijuana

Students Forced To Shake Breast For Drugs

Woman Convicted Over Anti-Police Graffiti?!

Using DNA Analysis To Shame Litterbugs?!?

Former Cop Says He Was Labeled A Rat?!?

Congress Reauthorize Patriot Act Provisions

Canadian Army / US Troops In Joint Exercise

Explosives Missing From Halliburton In Texas

Russia Says No To A One-World Government

WTF Japan Jets Scramble At Cold-War Level

Alert! 300 US Paratroopers Arrive In Ukraine?

The Iranian Cargo Ships Now Reverse Course

China Warns Of North Korean Nuclear Threat?

Israel Sprays Gaza Farms With Poison Chem?

Afghanistan Suicide Bomb Leaves Many Dead

Yemen Shiite Rebel Leader Vows No Surrender

Plot In Paris Thwarted As Extremist Shoots Self

Infowars Reporter Featured In New ISIS Video?!

Current USGS Significant Quakes And 2.5 Mag

South Chile Record Breaking Volcanic Eruption

Magma Reservoir Found Beneath Yellowstone?

ICARUS Neutrino Experiment Sent To Fermilab

WTF! Why Is It Now Raining Worms In Norway?!

NJ Area Home Deemed Unsafe Over Landslide

Huh? California Dumps Fresh Water In Ocean?!

An Old Oil Leak In Gulf Worse Than Reported?!?

Japanese Tsunami Boat Found At Sandy Beach!

Millions Of Animals Have Died Along West Coast

God High On Flakka Attacked Officer Sexed Tree

Not-So-Pro Hunter Trampled To Death By Babar?

Judge To Consider Chimpanzees Legal Persons?

Woman Files Divorce Claims Husband Werewolf?

OMG! Woman Shooting Over Bacon-Less Burger!

Charged With Giving Pot Brownie To Superman?!

Remains Of Nazi Officer Discovered Inside Catfish

In China Dinosaur Eggs Found At Construction Site

Scientists Genetically Modify Human Embryos Huh!

No! TheShowmebby Did NOT Steal Your Cocaine!

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An Uber Driver Saves The Day

Cop Refuses To Use Deadly Force

Officers Pull Driver From Burning Car

Meet Tomatan Feeds You Tomatoes!

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