The Jericho Report Weekly News Briefing # 153 04/18/2015

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Bird Flu Confirmed In ND And MN

Canine Flu Outbreak In The Midwest

Search Area For Flight 370 Doubled

Hackers Crashed Germanwings Huh

Teen Injured In Houston Police Chase

Marana Officer Rams Crime Suspect

Nat Guardsmen ​Sold Guns To Cartels

Clinton Received Millions From Saudi

How The Dow Jones Fared On Friday

Greece In New Downgrade By S&P?!?

Bankruptcies Soar Across America?!?

Chicago Trading Floor For Disaster?!?

Sudden Walmart Closing Is Suspicious!

Jade Helm Walmart Tunnel System Huh

Euro Bank Pres Attacked By Protester?

Christie Proposes Retirement Age 69?!

Ferguson Protesters 'Enemy Forces'?!?

Jade Helm Is 'Unconventional Exercise'!

BLM VS Mining Operation In Oregon?!?

Cop Trying To Kill Family Dog Kills Mom

GE Spying Street Lights In Jacksonville?

License Plate Cameras In St Louis Huh?

Conspiracy Theorists Compared To ISIS

Hillary 'Education Non-Family Enterprise'

ISIS Claims Erbil US Consulate Bombing

Kurdish Girl Fires Gun Boasting 400 Kills

Russia Lifts Ban On Missile Sales To Iran

Parents Of US Marine In Iran Speak Out?!

Ex-Blackwater Life For Baghdad Murders!

Ohio Man Indicted On ISIS Terror Charges

Former Ukrainian MP Shot Dead In Kiev?!

Thousands Jump In Forcible Entry Mission!

Current USGS Significant Quake / 2.5 Mag

Dolphin Stranding Triggers Quake Fear?!?

Pacific Ocean Heated Up Several Degrees

White Lungs In Dolphins Near Fukushima?!

Vatican Summit On Climate Change Huh?!?

WTF Austin City Council Votes To Ban BBQ

An Asteroid On Collision Course To Hit Earth

Seals Being Clubbed To Death In Canada =(

WTF Man Dies At Disney Driving Attraction?!

Drunken Woman Wanders Onto CA Highway!

Teen Trashes Car After Mom Takes Phone?!?

Mom Hosts Naked Twister Party With Teens?!

Man Kicked Out Of Bar Lit Bouncer On Fire?!?

Woman In Online Relationship Beats Up Man?

Bacon Wrapped Mosque Door Handles Huh?

Muslim Migrants Threw Christians Overboard

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Oregon Sheriff Says No

The Anti-Drone Chimpanzee

Theoldmarine1 On Jade Helm

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  1. sensors on light posts in chicago also
    knows as array of things

  2. Just think about this Bro...
    What if ... WHAT IF...
    North America is preparing to cut off China completely?
    Wal-marts in 5 States so far laid off all their workers...
    wHO Supplies Wal-mart? China maybe...
    Surface to Air Missiles being set up all around lower America,
    Canada on High Alert now also ....
    Why all of a sudden Russia Agrees with U.S policies?
    I believe that Russia has decided what side they wanna be on now!!
    I believe The SHTF right soon bro !!!!
    China just sign's big Natural Resource Deal with Pakistan .... Oil, Fuel & what ever else...
    Thanks 4 Everything Bro !!!