The Jericho Report Weekly News Briefing # 152 04/11/2015

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Chem Train Derailment In Trenton SC

100 LA Firefighters Battle Huge Blaze

Tsarnaev Guilty On All Counts In Boston

Guard Dead In Shooting At Census HQ!

Secret Serv Supervisor On Leave Huh?!

Holder Kindly Reminds 'No Prostitutes'?!

Rand Paul Is Now 2016 Pres Candidate!

Hill Dog To Announce 2016 Run Sunday!

Obama Easter Takes Jab At Christians?!

WTF?!? Biden Sucks On Kids Pacifier?!?

How The Dow Jones Industrials Did Friday

Next Crisis Will Bring Even More Volatility?

Walgreens To Close Stores To Boost Cut?

Pearl Harbor Golf Ball Radar Is $2.2B Flop!

Steak Removed From Food Stamps Prog?

$7.5K In Carrots For This Gigantic Rabbit?!

Ban On Spending Welfare On Cruise Ships

Gems Stolen In London Hatton Garden Heist

Former IRS Lawyer Disbarred Over Ethics?!

Burger King Wedding Mr Burger / Ms King?!

Family Threatened Over Cardboard Fort Huh

Arrested For Posting Facebook Selfie Gun?!

Got Bike? Register And Get Bicycle License!

Dodger Fan?! Expect New Stadium Security!

Austin CL Solicits Crisis Actors For Exercise!

Washington State Drill Prepares For Worst?!?

This Officer Cries As He Gets Life For Rape?!

Cop Caught Slapping Homeless Man Charged

Sheriff Suspends Deputies Involved In Beating!

Judge Refuses To Restart Obama Amnesty?!?

Iran Supreme Lead Says US Has Bad Intention

Iran Has Mapped Targets To Destroy America!

Oh? Egypt Now Preparing For War With Israel?

Yahoo To Continue Quest To Derail Nuke Deal!

Russia Is Conducting Another Big Military Drill?!

US Moving Back To Base Deep Under Mountain

North Korea To Mexico 'Give Us Back Our Ship!'

Defector Sends Interview DVDs To North Korea!

Afghan Soldier Shoots US Troop In Inside Attack

Lockheed CEO Says War Is Good For Business!

Current USGS Significant Quakes And 2.5 Mags

Tornadoes Rip Through Part Of Midwest 2 Killed!

Marines Plan Honduras For Hurricane Season?!?

Blob In Pacific Ocean To Blame For US Weather!

Fukushima Has Reached North American Shores!

CA Resident Fined $500 A Day For Long Shower

2015 PDC Hypothetical Asteroid Impact Scenario

$300 Billion Space Mushroom To Replace ISS?!?

WTF?!? Aliens Are Enormous Science Suggests!

Defense Minister Denies Aliens Have Invaded Jap

Huh?!? Woman Arrested For Beating Herself Up?!

OMG! Burger King Employee Absolutely Lost It?!?

Get To The Choppa! Easter Descends Into Chaos

Brawl Break Out At Queens Casino Opening Night

Lightning Strikes Gas Station Sign Change Prices

One In A Million Shot Shows Shark Eating Bobcat!

Woman Says Jacksons Ghost Molested Her Kids?

WTF?!? Mother Takes Baby To Hospital In Sack?!

Family Killed Dad Refuses To Let Daughter Marry!

Gay Orgies And Murder Scandals Engulf Vatican?

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