The Jericho Report Weekly News Briefing # 151 04/04/2015

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Air Canada Plane Shorts Runway

Russian Trawler Sinks In Sea Of Okhotsk

Second Major London Blaze In 24 Hours?

4 Dead In Gulf Of Mexico Oil Platform Fire

Big Fire At GE Appliance Park In Kentucky

Smart Meters Explode After Power Surge?!

Hillary Clinton Says She Deleted All E-mails

Joe Biden Says Let Israel Protect The Jews

Michelle Obama Declares Black Girls Rock!

Obama More An Imminent Threat Than Putin

Patient Evaluated For Ebola At Co Hospital?

A Stupid Virus Has Infected Half Of Humanity

How DOW Jones Industrials Fared On Week

Disability Fund Runs Out Of Cash In 2 Years?

US To Accept China-Led Infrastructure Bank!

Greece Leaves EU As Japan Spirals Down?!

Iceland Takes Back Power To Create Money?

In 20 Years World To Run Out Of Minable Gold

FBI Agents Steal Bitcoin During Investigation?!

Details Of World Leaders Revealed By G20?!?

The Grandson Of Oil Tycoon Paul Getty Dead?!

Michelle Obama Cambodia Hotel Cost $242K?

A Price Is Right Model Accidentally Awards Car

Claw Machine Rigged? Yea You Need Skill Son

NYPD Detective Screams At Uber Driver In Rant

Racist Cops Assault Boy With Down Syndrome?

Arkansas Bill To Make Street Photography Illegal

This Cop Gets First Hand Taste Of Police Brutality

School Forces Child To Shave Mil-Style Haircut?!

Suspended For Recording The Teacher Taunting!

Student Not To Wear US Flag On Cinco De Mayo

Judge Says No Mentioning Of The Constitution?!?

DHS Wants Access To Lic-Plate Tracking System

DHS Launches Family Reunification Refugee Prog

Monsanto Says It Won't Kill You Even If You Want It!

Why Op Jade Helm 15 Is Freaking Out The Internet!

147 Dead Gunmen Killed At Kenya College Attack!

Two NY Women Accused Of Domestic Bomb Plot?

Iran Accuses US Of Lying About Nuke Agreement?!

US Upgraded Bunker Buster As Iran Talks Unfolded

Iran Deal Threatens Survival Of Israel Says Yahoo?!

WTF! Israel Will Be Made Extinct Warns IDF Chief?

ALERT! Russia Threatens Full Scale Nuclear War?!

Plans Proposed For Ambitious Road Across Russia

Huh?!? Chaos In Yemen As Chinese Troops Arrive?

Al-CIA-Da Frees 270 People From Yemeni Prison?!

Terror Feared As Istanbul / Ankara Plunge To Chaos

Saudi Arabia Not To Rule Out Building Nuclear Bomb

Current USGS Significant Earthquakes And 2.5 Mags

Small Pacific Tsunami Was Generated After Mag 7.7

Power Storm Slams Central Europe At Least 9 Dead

Super Typhoon Maysak Inches Closer To Philippines!

John Kerry "There Will Be Global Warming Refugees"

Connection Between Jade Helm And Climate Chaos?

LA Agrees To Spend $1.3 Billion To Fix Sidewalks?!?

California Bans Meat / Egg Production To Save Water

CERN Discovers 'The Force' It Is In Every Living Thing!

Total Lunar Eclipse 2015 On Sat The Skywatch Guide!

Sailor Lost At Sea 66 Days Saved By Passing Tanker!

Couple Arrested For Selling Golden Tickets To Heaven

Police Safe Zones To Prevent Bad Craigslist Deals?!?

Man Tells Police He Shot Himself After Gun Jammed?!

Father Calls 911 After Eating Daughter’s Pot Brownies

Police Burn Pile Of Cannabis Get An Entire Town High

Too Much Iced Tea Caused Man's Kidney Problems?!

Black Lawmaker Accuses 18-Mo Toddler Of Racism?

Inmate Beating On Facebook Before Guards Knew?!

Researchers Created Google Maps For The Body?!

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