The Jericho Report Weekly News Briefing # 149 03/21/2015

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Death Toll Climbs In Myanmar Ferry Accident

India Train Derailment 30 Killed And 50 Injured

Brazil Bus Crash 54 Dead After Plunge Off Cliff

Oklahoma Med Pilot Killed In Helicopter Crash?

Man Charged With Threatening To Shoot Obama

Envelope Sent To White House Cyanide Positive

Secret Service May Have Erased Surveillance?!?

Obama Admin Sets Record For Censoring Files?

Veterans Still Waiting Months For Appointments?!

WTF?!? VA Manager Mocks Vet Suicide In Email

Yep! Tylenol Selling Metal-Contaminated Medicine

Kraft Recalls Millions Of Boxes Mac And Cheese?

How The DOW Jones Industrials Fared This Week

COMEX Gold Drain Rising Says Silver Doctors?!?

Legislation To Make Policing For Profit A Crime?!?

WTF? Cathedral Drenches Homeless With Water?!

Moscow Offers Ukraine Discount On Gas Contract?

Vladimir Putin Proposes Eurasian Currency Union?!

The "War On Police" Fueled By Anti-Cop Rhetoric?!

Racial Tensions Flare At UVA After Students Arrest!

Vegas Cop Excessive Force Body-Cam Reviewed?

San Diego Cops Respond To Wrong House Kill Dog

Denver Cop Disciplined After Putting Knee On Neck

Chicopee Cop Strangled Non-Violent Cuffed Woman

USPS Spy Cams Collecting Data? (Must See Video)

FYI DOD Plans Exercises In Civilian Areas West US!

Show Me Your Papers Checkpoint (Must See Video)

Arabic Pledge Of Allegiance One Nation Under Allah!

France Moves To Make Conspiracy Theories Illegal?!

Gov Watches Rise Of Well-Armed American Militias?

US Plans Show-Of-Force Exercise In East Europe?!?

US Will Hold Syria Accountable For Chemical Attack!

Putin Sends Ship To Britain To Eavesdrop On Military

Proof Putin Is Dead?! Double Was Used On 03/16?!?

US Sanctions Against Israel Makes Excuses For Iran!

US Will Reassess Israeli-Palestinian Peace Policy?!?

17 Tourists 2 Locals Slain In ISIS Tunis Museum Attack

ISIS Bombings Target Shiite Rebel Mosques In Yemen

The United States Is Attempting A Coup In Venezuela?!

White House 'US Has Policy Against Backing Coups'?!

Really? Morales Says Bolivia Ready For War With US?

North Korea Prepared To Fire Nuclear Missile? LMAO!

Current USGS Significant Quakes And 2.5+ Magnitude

Booms Continue To Shake West Port Angeles Houses

Heads Up! Meteorite Falls In Central Bulgaria 03/16?!?

Meteorite Lit Up The Night Sky In Eastern France 03/15

Very Cool! March 2015 Solar Eclipse 22 Stellar Photos

Solar Storm Hits Earth May Pull Northern Lights South?!

Thousands Of Idaho Snow Geese Fall Dead From Sky?

Fish Kill And Dolphin Stranding Reported On Beaches?

What? Al Gore Says Punish Climate-Change Deniers?!

Al Gore Derp? Global CO2 Emissions Stalled In 2014?!

EPA Wants To Monitor How Long Hotel Guests Shower!

Huh? EPA Pollution Emissions For Backyard Barbecues

Black Man Found Hanging From A Tree In Mississippi?!?

Machete Taxi Driver Attacks New Orleans TSA Check?!?

WTF?!? Cincinnati Mom Beheads Her Baby Daughter?!?

Woman’s Baby Cut From Womb After Answering CL Ad?

Motorcyclist Performs Stunts In High-Speed Police Chase

Man On Horse Traveling North On I-75 Downtown Atlanta?

Christians To Prepare For Martyrdom Over Gay Marriage

Warrants Are Issued For Botched Butt Injection Suspects

UA Flight Returns When Man Rushes Toward Cockpit?!

What Now? Anti-Gun Group Sets Up Fake Gun Shop?!

Azealia Banks ‘I Hate Everything About This Country'?!

Oh Snap! Sex With Rupert Murdoch And Randy Quaid

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