The Jericho Report Weekly News Briefing # 148 03/14/2015

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Ambush On Police Triggers Ferguson Manhunt

Ferguson Police Chief Tom Jackson Steps Down

Ferguson Shooter A Damn Punk Says Eric Holder

Protester Says Police Shooting Setup By Police?!

Mil Helicopter Crashes In Florida 11 Feared Dead

Three French Sports Stars Die In Argentina Crash?

Train Carrying Crude Oil Derails In North Ontario?!?

Illinois Train Derailment Threatens Mississippi River

Secret Service Agents Plow Down The White House

Clinton Removes Twitter Photo Of Her Blackberry?!?

American With Ebola To Return From Sierra Leone?

Pharma Trained To Misinform Drugs Are Dangerous

How The Dow Jones Industrial Average Fared Friday

Consumer Spending Tumbles BOA Blames Snow?!?

Chinese Billboards Announcing New World Currency!

China De-Dollarization Axis As Soon As September?

Debt Bomb Going To Explode In September 2015?!?

Google And Facebook Make Sure They Have Space!

Senators Plan To Close IRS Forever Huh? Good Luck

6.5M Social Security Numbers Linked To Those 112?!

Clinton Hid Email As $6B Went Missing At State Dept!

Monsanto Earnings Fall 34% As Farmers Reject GMO!

McDonald’s Sales Plunging Month After Month Now?!?

McDonald’s Sold In Iceland Unchanged For Six Years?!

Debtors' Prison Judge Resigns As County Takes Reins

Bill To Ban Laws With Purpose Of Generating Revenue!

Man Now Facing Life In Prison For His Facebook Post?

Cops Denying Teens Access To Attorney In Investigation

You Need To Know About Canada’s C-51 Anti-Terror Bill

Alberta Outlaws Swearing And Restricts Public Assembly

WTF?!? ATF Raises New Concerns About AR-15 Ammo

GOP Lawmaker Proposes The ATF Elimination Act Huh?

This Virginia Sheriff To Remove Patriotic American Flag?

WTF?!? Sharia Enforcement At University Of New Mexico

What? The White House Wants To Cancel Thanksgiving?!

Migrants Demand Safer Ways To Cross The US Border?!

Unconfirmed Russian Internet Rumors That Putin Is Dead?

Putin Has Vanished Rumors Are Popping Up Everywhere!

US Admiral Raises Alarm Over Russian Military Threat?!?

Moscow Will Respond To NATO Military Buildup At Border

Did 47 Republican Senators Break The Law In Plain Sight?

Senator Warns Obama Not To Skip Congress For The UN!

WTF! ISIS Hangs Bodies Of Soldiers From City Entrance?!

Grim New ISIS Video Shows Child Executing Alleged Spy?

Oh Noz? Iraq Arrests ISIS Advisors US And Israelis Held?!?

Obama Administration Says US Will Protect Rebel Forces?

Ya Think? Obama Switched Sides Now Working For Jihad?

Fox News Shows NY Muslims Training For Guerrilla Warfare

Current USGS Significant Earthquakes And 2.5+ Magnitude

Evacuation As 6.6M Earthquake Shakes Colombia Capital!

Florida Bans Terms Climate Change And Global Warming?

Stop Geo-Engineering Billboard Goes Up In Heart Of Reno!

Our Sun Unleashes The First Monster Solar Flare Of 2015?!

Tropical Cyclone Pam Weakens Still Batters Vanuatu Islands

Is The Wigner Effect Taking Down Planes And Helicopters?!?

Must Read! Airline Anomalies In The Post Fukushima World?

WTF?! California Has One Year Of Water Left Ration Now?!?

Starving California Sea Lions Wash Ashore By The Hundreds

Rocket Launching NASA Sat To Spawn Bright Mystery Cloud!

More Mysterious Giant Craters Spotted In Russia's Far North?

Bored Pilot Draws Penis On Flight Radar With Private Plane?

Man Who Broke Penis During Sex Says He Heard It Snap?!?

Planet Fitness Policies Called Into Question Over Gender ID?

Warrant Issued For Woman Who Will Not Allow Circumcision!

Teen Convicted After Spending $30K Mistakenly Deposited?!

Advocates Say Halt Production Of Creepy Interactive Barbie?

Tiger Woods Can Not Name His Restaurant Tiger Woods?!?

Woman Pulls Gun On Man Who Threatened Her With Needle

Breaking Bad Fans Won't Stop Throwing Pizza On Home?!?

Muslim Crashes Her Car Into Police At Miami International?!

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