The Jericho Report Weekly News Briefing # 147 03/07/2015

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Pilot Dies In Med Flight Crash In St Louis

Jet Skids Off Runway At LaGuardia Airport

Harrison Ford LA Golf Course Plane Crash

Clinton Given Millions By ISIS Supporters?!?

Bush Attempting To Rig CPAC Straw Poll?!?

NSA Headquarters Hit By Gunfire! No Injuries

Edward Snowden In Talks To Return To USA!

Deadly Bacteria Release At Louisiana Lab?!?

Recently Vaxed Individuals Spread Disease?!?

How The Dow Jones Industrials Fared On Week

Feb Jobs Report Everything You Need To Know!

Gas Prices Soar After Months Of Falling Prices?

US Is Out Of Room To Store Oil Collapse Next?!?

US Allocates $120M For Equipment For Ukraine!

House Funds DHS Until 9/30 Without Immigration

Fed Can’t Exit Without Causing Significant Event?

Obama Raising Taxes Through Executive Action?!

Video Shows Cop Killing Homeless In Louisiana?!

Footage Of Militarized Police Training DeKalb IL?!

Mask Ban! Protesters Facing Ten Years In Prison?

Jail For Refusing To Unlock Phone At The Airport?!

ABC Airs Homosexual Kiss Between 13YO Boys?!

Addition Of Muslim Holiday To NY School Calendar

A Real Threat Against Internet Freedom Worldwide!

CIA Announces Overhaul To Combat New Threats?!

Obama Unable To Be Straight With Himself On Iran?

Obama Did Not Have Chance To Watch Netanyahu?

WTF?!? Russia Accuses US Of Plot To Oust Putin?!?

US To Deploy National Guard Companies To Ukraine

US Backed Rebel Leader Starts ISIS Offshoot In Libya

Boko Haram / ISIS Are Morphing Into One Say Experts

Westerners Head To Iraq Fight As Christian Warriors?!

Forty ISIS Fighters Return To The US From Syria Huh?!

Current USGS Significant Quakes And 2.5+ Magnitudes

Chile Volcano Villarrica Eruption Spews Ash And Lava!

Dozens Trapped In Vehicles In Kentucky Due To Weather

Birds Drop Out Of The Sky In Maury County Tennessee?!

Fukushima Fallout Now Being Detected In US Fish Huh?!

Military Vehicles Lined Up Outside Underground Bunker?

US Silence On Satellite Explosion No Cause For Alarm?!

Lockheed Martin Laser Weapon Blasts Through Truck?!?

No One Knew Mummified Woman Was Dead 5 Years?!?

Lumber Liquidators' Laminate Has Mass Formaldehyde?

Woman Suing Her Hospital Over Misplaced Brain Tumor!

Gov Can Not Fire Employees Who Watch Porn 6 Hours?!

Gang Member Goes Blind After Tattooing Own Eye Balls!

WTF?! ISIS Tricks Mother Into Eating Son's Remains?!

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