The Jericho Report Weekly News Briefing # 144 02/15/2015

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Brian Williams Suspended For Six Months

NBC News Journalist Ned Colt Dies In Boston

Time Critic David Carr Media Champion Dies

CBS News Bob Simon Dead In NYC Accident

NBC Newser Bob Hager Unhurt After Accident

DARPA OnStar Hack Remote Controls Impala

US Muslim Deaths Spark Worldwide Outrage?

Accelerant Used In SE Houston Islamic Fire?!?

McShots Meal?!? McDonald's Offers Free Vax!

US Blackout? Italian Courts Vax Cause Autism!

How The DOW Jones Industrials Did This Week

Retail Sale Plunge Twice As Much As Expected

Oh No! Moody’s Downgrades Five Greek Banks

Greek Varoufakis Warns Be Ready For A Clash!

Democrats Come Out Against Fed Audit Bill Huh

Halliburton To Cut 6,500 Jobs As Crude Hits $50

McDonald’s Declines As US Rejects Fake Food!

Sausage Burrito Contains Fireworks Chemical?!

Bankers Killed In Train Crash Remotely Stopped?

Service Members $123M Over Bad Foreclosures

Chicago Police Traumatize Local Family In Home

Albany Officer Sits On Woman Until Miscarriage?!

Gastonia Police Check On 74YO Vet And Kill Him

San Diego Makes Stop / Frisk Look Child’s Play?

School Cops To Pepper Spray For Misbehaving?!

WTF! Shoveling Snow Without Your Gov Permit?!?

FEC Considers Regulating Online Political Speech

Samsung Smart TVs Record Living Room Chatter?

CNN Anchor Says Rights Do Not Come From God!

Remove Father And Son Of God It Offends Muslims

Alabama Cop Who Paralyzed Indian Man Arrested!

Two Philly Cops Charged With Brutality Over Video!

Say What! Iranian Forces Advance Toward Israel?!?

Israel Now Warns Anew Of Action Against Iran Huh?

Cameron Issues Warning To Putin After Ceasefire?!

Russia Rail Missile System Yars Missiles Equipped!

Al Qaeda Freed 6 Inmates In Yemen Prison Attack?!

Bombers Make It On Iraq Base Used By US Troops?

America Hell Bent On War Says 80 Year Old Analyst

Military Force Against ISIS 2016 Foreign Policy Test!

ISIS Cuts Hands And Whips People Over Cellphones

Texas Shariah Law Court Doing Something Illegal?!?

The Interview DVD To Be Dropped Into North Korea?

Pres Obama Signs Veterans Suicide Prevention Bill!

Current USGS Significant Earthquakes And 2.5+ Mg

Safest Place During A Quake Not Where You Think?

Ten Million Gallons Of Oil On Gulf Floor Says Study?!

200 Pilot Whales Stranded On New Zealand Beach?!

Radioactive Clouds To Be Released From Chernobyl

Toxic Cloud Spreads Over Catalonia Sky After Blast?

Giant Filament Turns Solar Surface Sad Face Emoji?

Neat! Hubble Telescope Photographs Smiling Galaxy

Neil Armstrong's Purse Had Hidden Apollo 11 Artifact

Aliens May Have Sent Seeds To Create Life On Earth

Florida Pastor Plan To Convert Robots To Christianity

Boy Claims To Have Memories Of Woman Who Died

Escape Brazilian Prison After Women Seduce Guards

Fifty Shades Of Grey Demands Cable Ties And Rope!

Jailed Drew Peterson Hiring Hit Man To Kill Prosecutor

Charles Manson Fiancee Wanted Corpse For Display?

Woman Dies Dropping iPhone In Bath While Charging?

Expand Indecent Exposure Law Include Male Nipples?!

The First Ever Male Same Sex Ceremonial First Kiss?

Joe Biden Gives A Shout-Out To An 'Old Butt Buddy'?

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