The Jericho Report Weekly News Briefing # 143 02/07/2015

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Plane With 53 Aboard Crashes In Taipei River

NYC Metro Train Hits Car Sparking Fiery Crash

UC Will Require Measles Vax For All Incoming?

Oregon To Eliminate Philosophical Exemption?!

Flu Vaccine Barely Effective Against Main Strain

The Flu Shot Could Increase Risk Of Getting Sick

Obama To Christians 'Get Off Your High Horse'?!

North Texas Home To First Islamic Tribunal In US

How Dow Jones Industrial Average Did On Friday

OPEC Leader Says Oil To Shoot Back To $200?!

US Unemployment Rate Is Extremely Misleading?!

Unemployment Rate Ticks To 5.7 Not Even Close?

RadioShack Files Bankruptcy After Years Of Loss!

IRS Seeks New Employees To Enforce Obamacare

The Pentagon Lost Yemen Weapons Worth $400M!

EU To Allocate Over $1B To Fight The Islamic State

Seattle Police Spraying Teacher At The MLK Rally?!

Hummelstown Police Gun Down Man In His Driveway

Heads Up! The NYPD Just Got Lots More Militarized!

San Leandro Plans To Buy Armored Medical Vehicle

Lawmakers Fail At Factual Support For High Cap Bill

Heads Up! FCC To Propose Strong Internet Regs?!?

Smartphones Track Every Move Most Have No Idea?

Cell Site Violates Limit On Excessive EMF Radiation

Jordan Avenges Pilot Execution Strikes ISIS In Syria?

ISIS Leaders Trained By Mossad Docs Reveal (2014)

Russia Deploys ICBM Launchers On Combat Patrol?!

Putin Suffers From Asperger's Syn Pentagon Claims?

Saudi Oil Lever To Pry Russian Support From Assad?

Evidence Shows Saudi Arabia Aided 9/11 Hijackers?!

Oh Noz! North Korea Threatens US With Final Doom?!

MSM Brian Williams Apologizes For False Iraq Story?!

Current USGS Significant Earthquakes And 2.5+ Mags

Ut Oh! Limo Riding Groundhog Bites Wisconsin Mayor

Mexico Smoke Making Tornadoes In USA Stronger?!?

Wichita Falls TX Starts Part 2 Cloud Seeding Project?!

Some Possible Meteor Doom Over West Sonoma Co?

Scientists Prepare Restart Of Large Hadron Collider?!?

Huh?!? The FAA Is Regulating Business On The Moon?

Fire Ends The Mock Mars Mission In The Utah Desert?!

A Texas Woman Is Now Pregnant With Satans Baby?!?

Three Year Old Boy Shot Both Parents In New Mexico?!

Girl Poured Acid On Boyfriend’s Penis Over Sex Tape?

Actor Randy Quaid Goes Bizarre In YouTube Meltdown!

Man Won’t Be Charged Walking Naked On Interstate?!

Man Has Nose Cut To Look Like Comic Book Villain?!

Man Had Sex With Dolphin Speaks About Love Affair?

Scientist To Create Humans From DNA Of 3 People?!

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