The Jericho Report Weekly News Briefing # 142 01/31/2015

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NORAD To Patrol Skies Over Super Bowl XLIX

Militarized Security Prep For Super Bowl XLIX?!

Jet Headed To Dayton Made Emergency Landing

Fighter Jets Escort Two Pass Planes After Threat

Pilot Locked Out Of Cockpit On Las Vegas Flight!

Malaysia Says MH370 Disappearance Is Accident

Errant DC Drone Operator Works For Intel Agency

The Secret Service Now Ready For Drone Attacks

Fox Employee Kills Self Says Network Ruined Life

The Super Wealthy Preparing Bug Out Locations?!

Conspiracy Allegations Strike Highest DOJ Levels!

Oh Noz! Hillary Clinton Running For President 2016

How The Dow Jones Industrial Avg Fared On Friday

Oil Jump On Weak Dollar Traders Wary Stock Build

The Fed Stays Patient But Rate Hikes Are Coming?

IBM Bracing For Massive Layoff Starting Next Week

S&P Downgrades Russia's Credit Rating To Junk?!

Russia’s SB Bank Stops Client Withdrawals Huh?!?

Ut Oh! China’s Economic Miracle Comes To An End

US Signs $2B Loan Guarantee Deal With Ukraine?!?

Russian Bank Deputy Shoots 3 Dead Then Kills Self!

Dutch Financier Becomes 4Th ABN Banker Suicide?

Legal Marijuana The Fastest Growing Industry In US?

Pot Makes Colorado So Much They Give Some Back

NJ Teens Shoveling Snow Shut Down By The Police?

Family Under Investigation After Children Walk Alone!

The New Face Of Punishment In Public Schools Huh?

Kidnap People Off Streets Force Them To Be Jurors!

NY Unveils Anti-Terror Unit To Deal With Protesters?!

Nationwide Ban On Personal Body Armor Proposed?

TSA Snooping Social Media To Speed Up Security?!

Euro Counter-Terror Plan Involves Passengers Data?!

Bill Gates Says We Need A World Government Huh?!

CNN Editorial Calls For 'North American Union' Huh?!

DHS Told To Help Immigrants Get Deportation Relief!

USA Today Calls For The Arrest Of Vaccine Skeptics

Detainee Swapped Suspected Of Militant Activities?!

ISIS Says We Will Cut Off Your Head In White House?

1K Paratroopers From 82nd Airborne Headed To Iraq

Aircraft Carrier Stennis Has Biggest Ordnance Onload

Men Serving As Secret Agents For Russia In New York

Putin Just Sent Nuclear Bombers Over English Channel

Kiev Used Barrier Squads To Prevent Troop Retreating

Iran To Collapse The Zionist Regime Following Airstrike

An American Drone Kills A 12-Year-Old Yemeni Child?!

US Won’t Admit To Killing A Single Civilian In ISIS War?

Stop Traffic! North Korea Now Calling Obama A Loser?

Dennis Rodman Invites Seth Rogen To Go North Korea

Current USGS Significant Earthquakes And 2.5+ Mags

Meteorologists Apologize For Huge Blizzard Miss Huh?

Blizzard Slams Boston Spares NY Despite Predictions!

National Grid Cut Power In Some Coastal Communities

NASA Astronaut Can See Huge Winter Storm From ISS

WTF Asteroid That Flew Past Earth Today Had A Moon

Greenland Lakes Completely Drain In Just Weeks Huh?

Mass Death Of Seabirds In Western US Unprecedented

Alarming! Sea Lions Starving In Such Massive Numbers

Orcas At 100% Infant Mortality Rate Due To Fukushima?

Millions Of GMO Insects To Be Released In Florida Keys

US Government Mosquito Drones Will Extract Your DNA!

Police Find Human Remains On San Francisco Sidewalk

WTF Mom Finds A Weird Creature Inside A Tuna Can?!?

Utah Parents Who Killed Children Feared Apocalypse?!?

A Nun Gave Birth Without Knowing She Was Pregnant?!?

Olympia Mom Arrested Children Suffer Wounds To Neck?

Woman Arrested Over Drowning Puppy At The Airport?!?

Accidental Gun Discharge At Jail Strikes Police Officer?!

Naked Sniper On Rooftop In Palm Beach Apprehended?!

Boy Charged $25 For Skipping Friend’s Birthday Party?!

Students Forced To Expose Underwear For Inspection?!

Physicists Manage To Slow Down Light Inside Vacuum?

The Google Atlas Robot Severs Its Power Cord Huh?!?

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