The Jericho Report Weekly News Briefing # 141 01/24/2015

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NJ Apartment Complex Destroyed In Massive Fire

Tech Tycoon Don Pyle Unaccounted For After Fire

Shots Fired Outside Biden's House In Delaware?!?

Obama Busted In What May Be Crime Of Century?!

Saudi Burying King Abdullah In An Unmarked Grave

Gitmo Commander Relieved Of Duty Amid Probe?!

Sick Pass From Sierra Leone At Newark Hospital?!

Measles Casts Spotlight On Anti-Vaccine Movement

DDOS For Hire Service Hacked Details Revealed?!

Internet Attack Could Shut Down USA Gas Stations?

How The Dow Jones Industrial Average Fared Friday

Staring Down Barrel Of Gun Global Collapse Looms!

Wall Street Banks Slash 50K Jobs / Reduce Bonuses

EBay Cuts 2,400 Jobs / Seven Percent Of Workforce

Frankenstein's Husband To Profit Big From Gov Deal

Obese Mom / Daughter Happy Living On Gov Benefits

Gov Health Care Site Quietly Sharing Personal Data?!

Medicare Chief Steps Down / Ran Health Care Rollout

George Soros Funds Ferguson Hopes For Civil Action

Wilson Will Not Face Fed Charges For Killing Brown?!

Man Cited For Eating While Driving Cobb County Ga?

US Police Take Hundreds Of Millions Over No Crime?

NJ Cops Shoot / Kill Black Man Who Had Hands Up?!

SF Officer Probed For Wheelchair Tipping Altercation

Report Says EPA Tested Deadly Pollutants On Kids?!

Requiring Kindergartners Read Com Core May Harm!

Conn Hospital Receiving Threats Over Forced Chemo

A Dad Faces Jail For Giving Daughter Cannabis Oil?!

Agency To Confiscate Infant Over Family Flu Shots?!?

If You Question Authority You're Mentally Ill Says Report

The West And Ukraine Preparing For War With Russia

Russian General Warns 'World War 3 Plans For World'

US Troops Deploy To Mid-East To Train Syrian Rebels

3K Rebels Defect To ISIS US Preparing 5K More Huh?

Experts Say ISIS Japanese Ransom Clip Was Faked?!

ISIS Plans On Killing Millions In A Religious Cleansing?!

Muslim Immigrants Smash Virgin Mary Statue In Italy?!?

Mosques Around France Subject To Firebomb Attacks!

Yemen Rebels Seize Presidential Sites But Deny Coup

Yemeni Terror Suspects At Gitmo Released To Oman?

CIA Trial In Virginia For Planting Nuke Evidence In Iran!

Doomsday Clock Forward Sits Only 3M From Midnight!

Current USGS Significant Earthquakes And 2.5+ Mags

A Mysterious Boom Precedes Obama In Cedar Falls?!

Big Pipeline Breach Spills Oil Into Yellowstone River?!?

3M Gallons Of Waste Spill From North Dakota Pipeline

Mysterious Goo Blamed For SF Bay Area Bird Deaths!

An Eerie Blue Glow In Hong Kong Blamed On Pollution!

Jets Descend On Forum To Discuss Climate Change?!

FYI An 1,800 Foot Asteroid WIll Whip Past Us Monday?

Planet X May Really Lurk Undiscovered In Solar System

Oh Really Now? China's Crazy Plan To Mine The Moon!

Man Arrested After Tackling A Shopper Carrying Gun?!

Machete Man Kicks Door Resident Responds With Gun

Bonnie And Clyde Teens Have Been Caught In Florida?

Wife Is Stunned After Husband Bulldozes Their Home?!

Miami Beach Man Cooked Alive While Using Sauna?!?

Teen Pretending To Be Doctor Unnoticed For A Month?

Drone Loaded With Meth Crashes Near Mexico Border!

Driver Pinned Between Two Semi Trucks Tells Of Crash

Student Is Trapped In Bizarre Time Loop For 8 Years?!?

Man Was Beheaded In Busy Shopping Mall In China?!?

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