The Jericho Report Weekly News Briefing # 140 01/17/2015

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Latest Hostage Crisis Ends Without Bloodshed

Sentinel Police Chief Shot During Bomb Threat

DC Metro Station Evacuated Due To Smoke?!?

NYC Penn Station Fire Accidental Says FDNY?!

Soldier Found Dead In Killeen Ebola Negative?!

Chickenpox Vaccination Increases Disease Rate

Hillary Is Furious Over Bill’s Part In Pedo Scandal

Tory MP Murdered Girl At Orgy Claims Witness?!

How The Dow Jones Industrials Fared This Week

More American Businesses Dying Than Starting?

Wall Street Now Sees Crude Oil At Around $40?!

Oilfield Services Co Schlumberger Cuts 9K Jobs!

Momentum Builds For Raising Federal Gas Tax?

Florida Leaders To Vote On Pay-Per-Mile Study?

Things To Know About Tax Filing And Obamacare

Lubbock Surcharge To Cover Cost Of Obamacare

Search On For AIG Executive Who Disappeared?!

Protest Over Missing Money From Haiti Recovery?

Officer Restrains Friendly Dog Slashes Its Throat?!

An Entire Family Is Viciously Beaten And Arrested!

Mom Faces Prison For Saving Son With Cannabis

Child Services The Business Of Taking Your Kids?

Science Experiment Landed Little Girl In Handcuffs

NYPD Orders Cops To Meet Summons Quota Huh

Pope Francis Says Freedom Of Speech Has Limits

Philippines Homeless Caged Before Pope's Arrival

Up To Six Paris Terror Suspects May Be At Large?!

French Premier Declares War On Radical Islam Huh

Great Wall Of Saudi Arabia 600 Mile ISIS Barrier?!?

ISIS Video Of Child Executing Alleged Russian Spies

The TSA Is Now Warning Of Hard To Detect Bombs?

State Dept Warns Increased Violence / Kidnappings!

NATO Readies Forces As Russia Makes Big Moves!

Inspector General Hiding Reports About VA Failures?

Current USGS Significant Earthquakes And 2.5+ Mag

Oklahoma Booms Rattle Homes And Scare Livestock

Aerosols From Eruptions Have Reduced Global Temp

Scientist Warns Of Injecting Particles Into Atmosphere

St Joseph Lighthouse Transformed Into Giant Icicles?!

Video Captures Harrowing Moment Of 193 Car Pileup

Asteroid Will Be Making A Close Call Later This Month

What To Do If Asteroid Threatens?!? Europe Planning!

WTF Wife Chops Off Cheating Husband’s Penis Twice

WTF?!? Husband Drove Electric Drill Into Wife’s Brain!

Mother Stabs 15 Year Old Son Over Pork Chop Doom!

4Th Grader Plotted To Kill Teacher With Hand Sanitizer

Officer Run Down By Own Cruiser After It Was Stolen?!

Officer Suing Gun Store After Shooting Off Own Finger?

Oh Noz! China Smuggler Caught With 94 iPhones WTF

iPhone Separation Anxiety Leads To Fast Heart Rate?

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