The Jericho Report Weekly News Briefing # 139 01/11/2015

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Montpellier Jewelry Store Hostages Freed

Al-Qaeda Claims Paris Attacks As Revenge

El Paso Military Hospital Shooting Kills Two

A Bomb Blows Outside Colorado NAACP?!

NYC Mayor Blasts Police Who Turned Backs

Life Goes On With NYPD In Work Stoppage?

How The Dow Jones Industrials Did On Week

Solid Hiring Bolsters Confidence About 2015

Some Traders Are Betting On $20 Oil Huh?!?

Hedge Fund Founder Gilbert Shot Dead In NY

Penalties To Rise For Not Having Health Care

John Boehner Profits From Obamacare Stock

Burlington Officer Shoots And Kills Woman?!?

Danby SWAT Demolishes Home Over DUI?!?

Cops Confiscate Gun From Vet With Insomnia

Police Use Radar That Can See Through Walls

New Bill Would Make Wearing Hoodie A Crime

Town Governments Across USA Ban Sledding?

UN Israeli Connection To Syrian Death Squads!

ISIS / Israel Work Together To Counter Assad?!

Iran Backed Militias Getting US Weapons Huh?!

Mossad Attempt To Assassinate Nuke Scientist

Russia Sanctions To Provoke Dangerous Euro?

North Korea Has 6,000 Member Cyber Army?!?

Current USGS Significant Quakes And 2.5+ MG

Nine Quakes Rock North Texas Area In 1 Day?!

Very Strong Geomagnetic Storm Hits The Earth

Behavior Of Sun's Iron Heart Surprises Scientist

Meteoroid Burns Up In The Skies Over Romania

Asteroids On Course To Hurtle Past Earth Huh?!

Two People Making Love On Plane Spark Alert?

A Dog Eats $23,000 Worth Of Wedding Rings?!

Lady Making Fur Coats With Neighbors Cats?!?

Police Chief Accidentally Shoots Himself Again!

Man Found In Crashed Car Hours After Towed?

Semi Drags Minivan 16 Miles Through Snow?!

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