The Jericho Report Weekly News Briefing # 138 01/03/2015

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AirAsia Plane Overshoots Kalibo Runway

First Victim Of AirAsia Flight 8501 Identified

Firefighters Find Black Box On Burning Ferry

4 Dead In Kentucky Plane Crash Police Say?

3 Kids Dead In Minnesota From Flu Outbreak

Outbreak Labeled Epidemic As Deaths Mount

Obama Decided Not To Attend NYPD Funeral

Army Couple Moves Wedding For Obama Golf

How The Dow Jones Industrials Did This Week

Bakken Evicted As Plunge Tests Shale Boom?

Hackers Exposed PlayStation Personal Data?!

Sony Sued For Pirating Music In The Interview?

Obama Shuts Down DHS Over Amnesty Funds

US Gov Gives Wal-Mart 2.6B Welfare Payment

Man Killed In Confrontation With Tooele Deputy

Off-Duty Officer Fatally Shot By Harlem Police?

New York Man Choked For Dancing In Street?!

Whistleblower Calls Out Corruption Gets Fired

Dead Cleveland Woman In Restraint Homicide

California Officers Justified In Killing Of Ill Vet?!

US Armed Rebels Gave Missiles To Al Qaeda?

Group With WTC Ties Removed From The List

North Korea Now Faces New US Sanctions?!?

Hack Perp Said To Be Disgruntled Employee?!

Afghanistan Against US Plans To Transfer Gear

China Can Target US With Sea-Based Weapon

Current USGS Significant Quakes And 2.5+ MG

Mysterious Boom In Luzerne Co Pennsylvania?!

Bright Meteor In Skies Over NE US Mon 12/29?

Object In Southern California Sky Mon 12/29?!?

Couple Survives Avalanche Catches It On Cam!

Pope Francis Climate Change Edict To Anger?!

Man Charged With Decapitating Mom With Ax?!

Two Year Old Shoots And Kills Mom At Wal-Mart

German Stabbed By Muslim Over Christmas?!?

Man Repeatedly Rams Girlfriend Into Gas Pump

51 Years After Wreck Car Part Found In Arm?!?

Girlfriend Of John Crawford Dies In Car Crash?!

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Ohio Armed Citizens

Florida Human Shields

Mexico Protesters

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