The Jericho Report Weekly News Briefing # 137 12/27/2014

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Berkeley Officer Kills Suspect Who Pulled Gun

Shout-Out To Stackizshort For The Live Stream

Experts Don’t Think North Korea Hacked Sony?

People Downloading And Keeping The Interview

CDC Mishandles Ebola Lab Technician At Risk?

Ebola Cover Up CDC Monitoring 1,400 Cases?!

FDA Calls For Ending The Ban On Gay Blood?!?

Contaminated Caramel Apples Linked To Deaths

How Dow Jones Industrial Average Did On Week

Will The Cheap Oil Be A Costly Holiday Present?!

E-Cig Shops Unhappy With 95% Vapor Tax Prop

NIH Finds Out What Kids Think Of Fat Characters

John Crawford Family Suing Police And Wal-Mart

Ferguson To Increase Ticketing To Close Budget?

$5 Shotguns Handed In At $100 Gun Buy Back?!?

$2M Missing After Hong Kong Van Spills Its Cash!

Milwaukee Officer Not Charged In Fatal Shooting?

Mass Man Charged Over His Four Word FB Post!

Two Suspects Arrested For Social Media Threats!

Software To Tell Police Who Will Commit A Crime

Police Violate Over Mistaken Law Understanding?

United Nations Arms Trade Treaty Is Now In Effect!

Islamic Vocab Part Of Common Core Standards?!

Gun Control PSA Tells Kids To Steal Parents Guns

Al-Qaeda Is Warning Of Even More Lone Wolves?!

Pentagon Unveils New Name For ISIS 25 Times?!?

US Shot Down MH370 Claims Former Airline Boss!

US Behind Oil Price Crash Could Topple Regimes?

China Leader Telling The PLA To Prepare For War!

BBC Fears Losing Info War As RT Ramps Pressure

Gov Hoarding Food Into Bunkers At Record Levels?

US Families Prepare For Modern Day Apocalypse?

Current USGS Significant Earthquakes / 2.5+ Mags

Deadly EF3 Tornado Hit Marion County Mississippi

Terrifying Moment Soccer Player Is Hit By Lightning

Car Explodes As Lightning Hit During Police Chase

Active Sun Unleashes A Massive Solar Flare 12/20

Waterfall Freezes Over On The China Yellow River?

Obama Increases Drinking Water Rad Dramatically

Mysterious Illness Sickening Cape Cod Sea Turtles

Feds Bust Alleged Delta Air Gun-Smuggling Ring?!

TSA Officer Arrested After Wife Was Found Dead?

Man Tossed After Flipping Over Merry Christmas?!

Man Charged After Throwing A Tree At Spouse?!?

Iowa Officers Injured When Man Rams Squad Car!

Adams County Deputy Shot By Thornton Officer?!

Emanuel’s Son Choked And Mugged In Chicago!

News Reporter Got High Next To Burning Heroin

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