The Jericho Report Weekly News Briefing # 136 12/20/2014

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Obama Says Sony Made Mistake Pulling Movie

Paramount Cancels Team America Showings?!?

Eight Children Stabbed By Mother In Queensland

Dating White Prostitute Got Lennon Lacy Lynched

Gov Nixon Ends State Of Emergency In Ferguson

St Louis City Bosnian Woman Lied About Attack?

Ebola Vaccine Trial Suspended After Side Effects

Super Bacteria Found In Rio's Olympic Waters?!?

How Dow Jones Industrial Average Did This Week

Gulf Markets Plunge OP Says No Set Price On Oil

Big Currency Crisis Fuels A Real Panic In Russia?

China Now Prepares To Bailout Russia If Needed!

Families Of Newtown Victims To Sue Bushmaster?

Nebraska / Oklahoma Suing Colorado For Weed?!

Budget Welcomes Big Bank Bailouts Once More?!

IRS Chief Warns Refund Delays Over Budget Cuts!

Texas Officer Beats And Tasers 76 Year Old Man?

New York Officer Stops Fellow Officer In Choking?!

Police Admit Prep For War With Constitutionalists?

YEP! Poll Finds More Americans Back Gun Rights!

Spain Pushes Gag Law May Become Police State!

Human Microwave Ray Gun Inflicts Unbearable Pain

Illinois General Assembly Revives Recording Ban?!

FYI SOPA Has Just Passed In Secret?! 12/12/2014

Pakistani Terrorists Plotting To Bomb School Buses

Mass Grave 230 Killed By Jihadists Found In Syria?

UK Defense Chief Says More British Troops To Iraq

Hundreds Of US Troops Deployed In Anbar Province

Obama Has Not Yet Signed New Anti-Russia Bill?!?

Russia Mil Jet Turns Off Transponders In Near Miss?

US Not Fully Prepared For Nuclear Terrorist Attack?!

Email Claims Nuclear False Flag Attack For 2015?!?

Current USGS Significant Earthquakes And 2.5 Mags

What Happened On This Ice Lake New And Shocking

Giant Sun Storm Of 2012 Shown Here In Fiery Detail?

Curiosity Rover Finds Life's Building Blocks On Mars?

Duo's Phony Barbie Car Heart Attack Scheme Foiled

Man Deploys Plane's Emergency Slide To Exit Fast?

Man Who Set Self Ablaze At Park Was Like Fireball!

Man On PCP Walks Into Police Station Lights Joint?

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