The Jericho Report Weekly News Briefing # 135 12/13/2014

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Flights Disrupted After UK Computer Failure

Six Dead After Aircraft Crashes In Maryland

Fox News Reporter Dies Of Apparent Suicide

A Chlorine Gas Attack At Illinois Convention?!

Berkeley Police Warn To Prepare For Protest

Congress Staffers Walk Out Perform Protest?

California Battles Whooping Cough Epidemic

Michigan Measles Cases Officials Urge Vacs

Sierra Leone Holds 2-Week Ebola Lockdown

Nissan Recalls 470K Over Fuel Leak Problem

How The DOW Jones Industrials Did On Week

US Crude Below $60 First Time In Five Years?

CIA Spent $40M To Suppress Torture Report?

Construction Stopped On Vets Affairs Hospital

HHS Paid Family Services $182M In Housing?

Banks Urge Customers Take Cash Elsewhere!

Ukraine Bankruptcy Unless $15 Billion Bailout?

Grumpy Cat Earned Nearly $100M In 2 Years?!

UC Officer Draws Gun On Oakland Protesters?!

Arizona Officer Brutally Attacking A Teen Girl?!?

Monterey Officer Fired For Not Using Violence?

California Police Received Grenade Launchers!

WTF? France Homeless Given Yellow Triangle?

Beloit Police Want Homes Searched For Guns?

Congress Authorizes Spying On All Americans?

US Army To Fire 30K Troops For Immigrants?!?

Intel Chair Says Threat Of Terrorist Attack High?

President Vowed To End Wars Now Expands?!

ISIS Leader Says US Prisons Led To Creation?

Obama Mentor Tells Media US Is Terror Threat?

Bill Sends US Weapons To Ukraine For Russia!

Russia In All Out Preparation For War With US?!

Iran Hacker May Target US Energy And Defense

North Korea Accuses US Of Ebola Bio-Weapon!

Current USGS Significant Quakes And 2.5 Mags

Big Storm Sweeps Through Southern California!

Russian Scientist Spies Mass Asteroid Inbound!

Super-Earth Alien Planet Spotted By Telescope!

100% Death Rate For West Coast Baby Whales

Beachgoer Pulls Baby Sharks From Dead Mom!

WTF? 19 Year Old Mississippi Girl Burned Alive

Woman Burns From Inside After Med Reaction?

Man Killed Stepdaughter Had Sex With Corpse

Woman Cut Dog To Get Pain Pills For Herself?

Odor Turns Flight Into Vomit-Soaked Nightmare

Boy Discovers An Urn Inside His Teddy Bear?!

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