The Jericho Report Weekly News Briefing # 134 12/06/2014

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Hammer Attack On Bosnian In South St Louis

Another Attack In The Same Neighborhood?!?

Brutal Bus Attack Caught On Cam In Cleveland

Six Arrested In Beating Death Of California Man

St Louis Man Hits Crowd Pulls Gun At Protest?!

Ferguson March Met With 200 Racist Protesters

More Than 1K In US Being Monitored For Ebola!

Your Flu Shot Might Not Work But Get It Anyway?

How The DOW Jones Industrials Did This Week

Saudi Arabia Declares Oil War On US Fracking

West Behind Falling Ruble Says Russian Chief?

Putin Offers Amnesty For Money Coming Back?

Moodys Downgrades Japan As Concerns Grow

Chicago Hikes Minimum Wage To $13 An Hour

Phoenix Police Shoot Unarmed Drug Suspect?!

Pontiac Man Harassed Over Hands In Pockets?!

Children Be Afraid Of Police Or We Kill Them?!?

Police Chief Says Cops To Vet Gun Owners Huh

Common Core Collecting Psych Data On Kids?!?

Homeschool Family Raided By Police Get Tased

CPS Confiscates Children After Their Home Birth

Intelligence Develops Superconducting Computer

82ND Airborne Paratroopers Are Headed To Iraq

UN Res Says Israel Must Renounce Nuclear Arms

US Report Says China Nukes Bigger And Better?!

China Hypersonic Strike Vehicle In 3D Test Flight?

Norwegian Jet Nearly Collided With Russian Mig?

Russia Launches Wartime Gov HQ In Mil Upgrade

Current USGS Significant Earthquakes / 2.5+ Mag

Very Powerful Typhoon Hagupit Nears Philippines!

Four Big Rockets Launching The Next Seven Days

Mystery Boom Over NY / UK At The Same Time?!?

Aurora Spy Plane Blamed For Mysterious Booms?

Dozens Of Dead Crows Found In Portland Parks?!

Owl Attacks Injures Woman In Jacksonville Beach?

Lakeland Man Reportedly Kills 719 Pound Gator?!

Woman Stabs Boyfriend For Eating Meal Early?!?

Man Attacks Wife With Chicken Sandwich Huh?!?

Boy Missing For Four Years Found In False Wall?

Missing Human Brains Spur Texas Confusion?!?

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