The Jericho Report Weekly News Briefing # 130 11/09/2014

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Republicans Clinch Control Of US Senate

Think It Matters? This Is Your Wake Up Call!

Canada Bans People From Ebola Hot Spots

Ebola Deaths In Sierra Leone Underreported

Nevada Man On Crime Spree With Hammer?

Eric Holder Released Fast And Furious Docs

US F-16 Gone Missing Over Gulf Of Mexico?!

Idaho National Guard Helo Crashes Killing Two

How The Dow Jones Industrials Did This Week

Sprint Cut 2000 Jobs As Stock Falls 7 Percent

US Mint Temporarily Sold Out Of Silver Eagles

Oil Slides As Saudi Arabia Cuts Prices For US

Starbucks Coffee Starting A Delivery Service?!

DHS Put $30K Worth Of Starbucks On Credit?!

Florida Cop Breaks 14-Year-Old Girl’s Arm Huh

Wisconsin Police SWAT Team Executes Dog?!

Two Die In So Wales After Police Taser Incident

Florida Police Charge Men Feeding Homeless?

Facebook Deletes Pro Gun Pages W/O Notice?

Gov Request For Facebook Data Rose By 24%

Kids A Clean Slate Parents Must Be Retrained?

Mom Says Flu Shot May Have Paralyzed Child?

Brazil Revolts As Sheriff Takes Refuge In Hotel?

DC Protesters Storm FBI Back Cops Into Corner

Obama To Send 1,500 More Troops To Iraq Huh

US Destroying Syria Under Guise Of Fighting ISIS

Russia Test Fires Missile From A Nuclear Sub?!?

Putin's Message To Western Elite Most Important!

USS Sampson Leaves For West Pac Deployment

The US May Go To War In The South China Sea?!

Britain Spy Chief Says US Tech Firms Aid Terror?

NAVY SEAL Rob O'Neill Is A Liar Over Bin Laden?

Current USGS Significant Earthquakes / 2.5+ Mags

Fracking The Cause Of Earthquakes In Heartland?!

Maine Storm Takes Out Power Leaves 2' Of Snow!

Monster Storm Becomes Most Intense For Alaska?

Kerry Warns Planet Warming Before Snow Football

Doctors And Scientists Tell Truth About Chemtrails?

Largest Sunspot Wows Scientists But Also Mystifies

Dam Sinkhole In US With 7 Reactors Downstream?!

Major Fireball Reported Over East US 11/03/2014?!

Dazzling Fireball Over Japan Is Magnificent Meteor?

Oh Noz! Man Texting While Biking Hits Police Car?!

Unarmed Man Takes Officer’s Firearm For Gunfight

Cop Hits Judge With Taser Attempting To Subdue?

Man With No Hands Or Legs Armed On The Run?!?

Michelle Says Vote Dem Then Have Some Chicken

CNN Reports Army Says The Word Negro Is Ok?!?

Creationist Not Happy Pope Ripped Worldview?!?

HS Football Coach Benched From Team Prayers?

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