The Jericho Report Weekly News Briefing # 133 11/29/2014

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No Indictment Of Officer Darren Wilson

First Ferguson Casualty 20YO Shot Dead

Woman For Ferguson Shoots Self In Head

Car Plows Protesters During Ferguson Rally

LA Times Reporter Injured Covering Protests

Men Plot Bombing Of St Louis Gateway Arch

FYI Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel Resigns

Nuke Commander Link To Fake Poker Chips

How The Dow Jones Industrials Did On Week

Oil Prices Are Plunging Who Wins Who Loses

General Strike Over Greek Austerity Measures

Banking Shut Down In Rebel-Held East Ukraine

Black Friday Protesters Stop Dayton OH Traffic

Lawsuit Over Arresting Man Feeding Homeless

SVP Of Mass Mutual Found Stabbed To Death?

Obamacare Offers $3K Incentive To Hire Illegals

Jacksonville Officer Kills Man Who Fought Arrest

Cleveland PD Released Video Of Child Shooting

Indian Farmers Suicide Blamed On GMO Seeds?

The Pilgrims Were America’s First Terrorists Huh

Amid Ferguson Obama Rolling New Regulations?

Sheriff Arpaio Suing Obama For Immigration Plan

Huh? China Is Spying On You Through Your Kettle?

Heads Up! Now E-Cigarette Can Give You Malware

Russia Accuses West Of Seeking Regime Change

Vote Against Russia’s Anti-Nazism UN Resolution?

Obama Secret Order To Expand Afghan War 2015!

Whispers Of Israeli Iran Strike As Deadline Passes!

Rand Paul Call For Declaration Of War Against ISIS

Is ISIS Hoarding Precious Metals To Issue Currency

Current USGS Significant Earthquakes / 2.5+ Mags

Hawaii Volcano Now Costs Local Taxpayers $14M

Mexican Volcano Of Fire Spews 5KM Pillar Of Ash!

Largest Japanese Volcano Spews Ash And Rocks!

An Asteroid Lights Up Night Sky In Northern China?!

Asteroid Threat Report On Early Warning Strategies!

Man Who Got His Testicles Stuck In A Lawn Chair?!?

Rock Singer Electrocuted By Microphone On Stage?!

Hospital To Give Men Experience Pain Of Childbirth?!

FSU Gunman Targeted By Directed Energy Weapon?

Teacher Forcefully Drug Student Head First Into Pool?

What The Hell?!? Budweiser Ditches Clydesdales?!?

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