The Jericho Report Weekly News Briefing # 132 11/22/2014

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FBI Sends 100 Agents To Ferguson MO

Darren Wilson Does Not Expect Charges

Jennings MO Closes Schools Next Week

Black Caucus Head Warns Of Violence?!

Four Dead After TX DuPont Facility Spill?

Truck Explodes At South CA Water Plant?

Secret Service Arrests Man With A Rifle?!

Secret Service Agency Has Fallen Short?!

Ebola Patient Dr Salia Dead In Nebraska?

NY Ebola Watchlist Woman Dead In Salon

Seniors Die In GA After Receiving Flu Shot

WA Kids Get Whooping Cough Despite Vax

Marijuana Kills Brain Cancer Study Confirms

Ford Recalls Fusions Over Software Problem

How The Dow Jones Industrials Did On Week

Cameron Warns Of Looming Global Crash?!?

Investigators Found Up To 30K Lerner Emails

Citigroup Executive Found Dead In Bathtub?!?

Americans May Forego Black Friday Shopping

Wal-Mart Workers To Protest On Black Friday?

New Parents Shocked By Huge Hospital Bill?!?

Obamacare FB Comments From Small Group?

Obama To Launch Civil War Over Amnesty Plan

Obama Tyrant King Unleashes Dictatorial Order

5 Foot Robocops Start Patrolling Silicon Valley?

NYPD Gun Discharged Accidentally Killing Man?

US Police Increasingly Use Observation Towers!

Court Order Allowing CMPD Use Of Surveillance

UK Stops Citizens From Seeing Material Online?

British Police Save A Life Surrender Your Knife?!

Russia Space Craft Launches Cold War Debate?

WW3! Russia Shocks US With Tactical Weapons

China Could Shut Down Grid With Cyber Attack?!

State Department Hack Shut Down Email System

Jerusalem Axe Attack Leaves 3 Americans Dead

ISIS Video Beheading Of American Peter Kassig

US Planes Supplying ISIS Weapons And Food?!?

North Korea Ejection Test Sub-Launched Missile?

Current USGS Significant Earthquakes / 2.5 Mags

WOW! Massive Wall Of Snow Blankets Buffalo?!?

Dangerous Tornadoes Break Out In Southeast US

Sinkhole Cluster Threatens Pasco Neighborhood?

Giant Wide Sinkhole Appears Near Russian Mine!

Three Falling Stars In Different Directions Nov 17?

Bright Flash Over Russia May Have Earthly Origin!

Tepco Unable To Halt Tainted Fukushima Water?!

Radiation Spike At Fukushima 40K% Increase?!?

Huh? Drunken Bicyclist Arrested At Drive-Through

WTF?!? Shoplifter Hiding Liquor In Her Vagina?!?

Dead Polish Woman Awakens In Funeral Home?!

Calm Man Engulfed In Flames Outside Restaurant

Woman Sexually Assaulted Set On Fire In Park?!?

Fresno State Student Sexually Assaults Sheep?!?

Window Washer Survives Fall Onto Moving Car?!

Korean Burgers Local Treat Lady Gaga Is Man?!

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