The Jericho Report Weekly News Briefing # 131 11/15/2014

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NYC Ebola Case Won’t Be The Last?!?

UN Encourages Travel To Vibrant Ebola?

Michael Brown's Parents Address The UN

Ferguson Residents Get Prepared For War

Bono's Plane Loses Hatch Before Landing?

Explosives At Bridge Near Arizona Border?

Fox Executive Body Found After Two Years

Silent Killer Bug Being Called New AIDS?!?

How The Dow Jones Industrials Did On Week

JP Morgan To Cut 3,000 More Banking Jobs

Google Pays $1.16B To Lease NASA Base?

NYC Residents Asked To Repay FEMA Aid?

Homeless Sweep For Hawaii Five-0 Shoot?!

Hotel Strips Floor For Obama’s G20 Security

Putin Stockpiles Gold For An Economic War?

Obamacare Architect Cites Voter Stupidity?!?

Virus That Makes Humans Stupid Discovered

Mom Calls Police To Help Son Police Shoot?

Child Taken Was Killed By Foster Mother =0(

DOJ Spy Planes Spy On Most US Cellphones

Wearable Embed Tattoo To Make Life Easier

Obama Calls For Tougher Internet Regulation!

Obama's China To Be Partner In 'World Order'

School Tells Kids To Stop Praying To Jesus?!

Perform Same-Sex Weddings Or Face Jail?!?

Deputy Arrested For Slapping Citizen Video?!

Americans Are Less Violent Except For Police

Ukraine Could Explode In The Next 48 Hours?!

Russia To Park Its Bombers Close To USA?!?

Netanyahu Warns Again From Deal With Iran?!

US C17 At Chinese Air Show Despite Concern

3 US Navy Sailors Attacked On Shore In Turkey

4 Smuggled Turkish Terrorists Caught In Texas?

FDNY Warns Of Attack Similar To 08 Mumbai?!

Top Hacker Says Chicago Nuke Attack 2015?!?

Current USGS Significant Quakes And 2.5 Mags

Silicon Valley Mansions Being Swallowed Alive?

Fukushima Radiation Detected Off Of CA Coast

FL Sinkhole Displaces 6 Families Swallows Car

A Mysterious Stinky Fog Descends On Moscow?

Dead Fish In Rio Olympic Bay Baffle Scientists?!

What Comets 317 Million Miles Away Look Like!

Spacecraft Returns Space Station Crew To Earth

Monster Energy Drinks Are The Work Of Satan?!

Dollar Store Owner Says ‘Evil Stick’ Sold Out?!?

Man Freed After Trapped In Shop Wall For Days

Jewel Thief Caught After Leaving Cell Phone Pic

Cocaine On Ship Owned By Anti-Drug Senator?

Arkansas Governor To Pardon Own Son Huh?!

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