The Jericho Report Weekly News Briefing # 129 11/01/2014

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NYPD Kills Man Who Attacked With Box-Cutter

An Ax-Wielding Man Tries To Attack DC Officer

Stillwater OK Man Nearly Beheaded In Homicide

NY Man Beheads Mother Jumps In Front Of Train

Nurse Hickox Trained As CDC Intelligence Officer

Spanish Intel Intercepts Plot To Weaponise Ebola

Walnut Creek Apt Explodes Drug Lab Suspected

Virgin Galactic Spaceship Test Ends With Crash!

Eric Frein Has Been Captured After 7-Week Hunt

US Marine Tahmooressi Freed From Mexican Jail

How Dow Jones Industrial Average Did This Week

ECB Fails 25 Banks In Health But Largely Solved?

CVS Tacks Tobacco Payment To Prescription Net

No Health Insurance? You're Running Out Of Time!

IRS Can Seize Accounts On Suspicion Of Crime?!

IRS Seizes Woman's Entire Savings Over Deposit

FYI Hungarians Revolt Against New Internet Taxes!

Deutsche Bank Lawyer Dead By Suicide In NYC?!

Facebook Is Now Data Mining For Political Views!

Billboard Asks Amazon About $600M CIA Contract

DHS Helps Police With Jammers In St Louis Area?

DHS Investigator Resigned After Prostitution Sting!

UT Students To Report Contents Of Med Cabinets?

Marine Banned From School Over Islam Homework

Muslim Women Not Required To Prove Airport ID?!

Ministers Risk Arrest Refusing Same-Sex Marriage

FYI Obama Plotting Attack In DC Prior To Election?

FYI Army Plans Gas Chlorine Tests West UT 2015?

Heads Up! Unusual Russian Flights Concern NATO

Pentagon Is Stuffing Caves In Norway Full Of Tanks!

LAX Flight Delayed Due To Hotspot Terrorist Group

The Lone-Wolf Terror Threat Is Huge Says Rogers?!

Current USGS Significant Earthquakes / 2.5+ Mags

Massive Hawaiian Lava Flow Oozes Toward Homes

Rapid Fire Solar X-Flares From Sunspot AR2192?!

Raytheon And Big Oil Trying To Control Weather?!?

Skydiver Goes Supersonic In Record-Breaking Dive

FYI Don't Forget To Set Your Clocks Back One Hour

HI Police Warn About Pot-Laced Halloween Candy?

Walmart Apologizes For Labeling Fat Girl Costumes

Jogger In PM Security Alert No Idea What Happened

OH Police Say Student Rectum Injured By Air Hose?

WTF? The Plush Ebola Toy Online Already Sold Out

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