The Jericho Report Weekly News Briefing # 128 10/25/2014

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Two Dead In Washington School Shooting

SWAT Training Drill During School Shooting

Islam Convert Dead After Ax Attack On NYPD

2 California Area Deputies Killed By Assailant

Doctor In New York City Is Now Sick With Ebola

NY / NJ Set Up Mandatory Quarantine Over Ebola

The Ebola Free Nurse Nina Pham Visits Obama?!

In Case Of Ebola US Stockpile Of Expired Sanitizer

People Leave Obama Campaign Trail Appearance!

Vote All You Want The Secret Gov Won’t Change?!?

How The Dow Jones Industrial Average Did On Week

Chase Sale Set Record For Chinese (Old Story Sorry)

Wastebook Says Gov Spending For Rabbit Massage?

DOD To Spend $1B Destroying $16B Worth Of Ammo

McDonald's CEO Outlines Changes As Sales Slide?!?

CEO Of Oil Giant Total Dies In Moscow Airport Crash?

CA Cops Fire On Car Knowing It Contained A Hostage

NYPD Assault And Arrest Musician For Playing Song?!

7 YO MI Girl Shot In Head During No Knock Police Raid

No Refusal Blood OVI Checkpoint In Clark County OH?!

Obama Triple Punch Hits America In Gut After Midterms

Canada Considers Preventative Detention After Ottawa!

Doug Ford Would ‘Round Up’ Everyone On Watch List?!

Critics Call New UN Anti-Terror Res Global Patriot Act?!

St Louis Anti-Terror Activated As Panthers Declare War

Ferguson Discouraged By NYT Profile Of Darren Wilson

Iraqi Officials Now Say ISIS Militants Used Chlorine Gas

Troops Exposed To Chemical Weapons From Iran / Iraq

ISIS Suporter On Ottawa Shooting “We Are Everywhere”

Alert After Warning Of Terror Attacks On Air India Flights

Sweden Closes Airspace Amid Search For Foreign Sub

Norway's New 'Killer Robot' Technology Now Under Fire!

Current USGS Significant Earthquakes / 2.5+ Magnitude

What The Eclipse Looks Like Near The Maximum Points

WTF?!? Weather Service Stops Receiving Satellite Data

NOAA Employee Charged With Stealing US Dam Info?!?

Wreck Of WWII German U-Boat Found Off North Carolina

Mars Photo Reveals Human Engraving Egypt Petroglyph

Knife-Wielding Clowns Terrorize Small French Town?!?

Mystery Man Flying Past An Airbus Full Of Passengers

Convicted Murderer Sues State Over Prison Porn Ban

Hospitalized After Stuck Together During Ocean Sex?

Just What Has Renee Zellweger Done To Her Face?

Emergency Alert Interrupts TV Viewers Across US?!

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