The Jericho Report Weekly News Briefing # 127 10/18/2014

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Ebola Czar Does Not Have Medical Background

Obama Authorizes National Guard For Ebola Fight

Plane Carrying Ebola Patient Was In Other Cities?!

Man Does NOT Wear Protective Gear On Tarmac?!

Patient With Ebola Symptoms On Belize Cruise Ship

NY Subway Attacks Restaurant With Smoke Bomb?!

San Fran American Air Flight Tearing Apart Mid-Air?!

Biden's Son Discharged From NAVY Over Cocaine?!

WTF?!? Obama Tombstone Halloween Controversy?!

Plumpest Pumpkin 2K Pound Gourd Sets The Record

How The Dow Jones Industrial Average Did This Week

Stocks Plunge Wednesday On Global Economic Fears

Central Bankers Have No Quick Fix As Markets Swoon

Travel Ban Over Ebola Would Hurt African Economies?

Fighting ISIS $1.1B Already Spent In The 30 Year War?

FYI An Unconstitutional Free Speech Ban Is On Its Way

Oregon University Officials Threaten Over Constitution?

Giffords Begins Nine State Tour On Women And Guns?

DC Now Accepting Applications For Concealed Permit

AFP To Get Power To Secretly Search Suspect House!

Nashville Police Refused SS Request For Illegal Search

Obama Faces Pressure To Escalate In Iraq And Syria?!

Mil Adviser Warns Of Possible ISIS Attacks In Baghdad?

ISIS Pilots Trained By Hussein's Ex-Air Force Officers?!?

Putin Says Ukraine Gas Deal Is For Winter Months Only?

Peace Winner To Obama 'Drone Attacks Fuel Terrorism'

China Appears To Pick Up Trail Of Tiger Putin Released

Current USGS Significant Earthquakes / 2.5+ Magnitude

Hurricane Gonzalo Pounds Bermuda With Strong Storms

Ana Is Passing South Of Big Island As A Cat 1 Hurricane

Recent Meteor Caught On Camera Over Japan And Iowa

WTF?! Abandoned Mines Spill Orange Sludge In Arizona

58FT Whale With Bite Marks Washed Up On Long Island!

Spider Gets Trapped Underneath Australia Man's Skin?!?

Brit Parrot Missing For Years Returns Speaking Spanish?

Huh? Ammunition Removed From Birmingham Man's Leg

ET Need Gas! UFO Refuels In Chemtrail Over Amsterdam

Teen Having Sex With Stuffed Horse In Florida Wal-Mart?!

Moscow Boob Truck Causes Hundreds Of Car Accidents

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