The Jericho Report Weekly News Briefing # 126 10/11/2014

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Dead Brit Did Not Travel From Ebola Nation

Texas Ebola Patient Thomas Duncan Now Dead

Mystery In Spain How Did Nurse Contract Ebola?

Ebola Spread In Europe Unavoidable Says WHO

Experts Worry Ebola May Spread More Easily?!?

Ebola Gives Conspiracy Theorists Food To Chew

CT Gov Declares Ebola Public Health Emergency!

Experts To Admit It May Take Vac To Stop Ebola?

CDC Hermetically Sealed FEMA Coffin For Ebola

NY Hospitals Sending In Actors With FAKE Ebola?

Mysterious Metal Panel Fell From Sky Over Jersey

Canadian Train Derailement Leads To Explosions

How Dow Jones Industrial Average Did This Week

Bernanke Denied Loan To Refinance His Home?!?

Ebola Could Have Catastrophic Economic Costs?!

Reports Show Ohio River Bridge Is Now Crumbling

FYI If You Bought A Red Bull They Owe You Money!

NC Cops Pepper Spray Black Teen In Own Home?

IN Cops Smash Window During Seat Belt Traff Stop

IA Cops Search Car Over Frisbee Golf Weed WTF?

Lawsuit Over MN City Passing Barking Ordinance?!

Emergency Operation In St Louis Co Over Weekend

Judge Rules Police In Ferguson Violated Constitution

St Louis City Officer Defends Life Against Black Teen

St Louis City Police Encrypting Radio Transmissions!

Support Protesters Carry Firearms Into Ohio Walmart

Radicals Attack Ukrainian Officials Throw Into Trash?!

Was Arrested IL Area Teen On His Way To Join ISIS?

UK Police Arrest Man Over Suspected ISIS Terror Plot

WTF! 10 ISIS Fighters Apprehended On Texas Border

China And Russia Test Limits Of Airspace With US?!?

Kim Jong-un Is No Longer In Control Of North Korea?!?

FYI Deadly Fire At An Iran Military Explosives Facility?!

Current USGS Significant Earthquakes And 2.5+ Mags

Scientists Drill New Zealand’s Most Dangerous Fault?!

Big Typhoon Phanfone Hit Okinawa And Central Japan

Super Typhoon Vongfong Okinawa Dangerous Threat?

Major Catastrophic Flooding Hits Genoa Italy?!? (Pics)

Wichita Falls Cloud Seeding Operation Over For Now?

Blood Moon Photo Total Lunar Eclipse Thrills Watchers

Must See! Maine's Magnificent Dark Sky (Pics Gallery)

WTF?!? Fish With Human Teeth Surfaces In Russia?!?

800K AZ Bees Attack One Person Dead Four Injured?

Boy Lost Virginity To Mother’s Corpse After Killing Her

Penises Grown In Lab Could Be Tested On Humans?!

Child Thinks Heroin Is Candy And Shares At Day Care

Woman Arrested For Stealing Was Looking For ISIS?

500 Pound Body Causes Fire At Henrico Crematory?!

McCann (Not McCain Derp) Troll Found Dead In Hotel

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