The Jericho Report Weekly News Briefing # 125 10/04/2014

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Ebola Morphing Into Humanitarian Crisis

NBC News Freelancer In Africa With Ebola

DC Evaluating Patient With Ebola Symptoms

Dallas Area Ebola Family In 21-Day Lockdown

Plane That Carried Ebola Victim Landed At LAX

Dallas Med Not Contacted After Ebola Transport

ISIS Now Sending Muslims Infected With Ebola?!

White House Says No Ebola Travel Restrictions?

Children Across Country Have Difficulty Moving?!

Immigrant Children Spreading New Mystery Virus

Secret Service Director Julia Pierson Steps Down

Ferguson Grand Jury Investigated For Misconduct

How Dow Jones Industrial Average Did This Week

WTF? Chase Hacking Affects 76M Households?!?

Credit Card Processor Bans Purchases Of Guns?!

Machine For Making Guns Sold Out In 36 Hours?!?

National Grid Electricity Rates To Rise 37 Percent?

Help Wanted Free Lawyers For Immigrant Children?

City Demanding $125 To Take Pictures In Parks?!?

Low On Food China Buys Biggest Pork Producer?!?

Nurse Awarded $11.6M For Being Paralyzed By Vac

Woman Accused Of Filing Fake $94M Tax Return?!?

Bonita Family Terrified By SWAT After A 911 Hoax?!

Florida Officer Uses Taser On 61 Year Old Woman?!

Georgia Woman Busted For Possession Of Sauce?!

Oath Keepers / Liberty Groups Are Extremist Threats

FYI Gov Jerry Brown Signs California Gun Restriction

WTF?! Why Did The USDA Buy Submachine Guns?!

LA Co Police Quietly Begin Invasive Data Collection?

Louisiana Police Urge Residents To Install Their Cam

Military To Allow Undocumented Immigrants To Serve

Hong Kong Tear Gas Shuts Down Instagram In China!

ISIS Beheads British Hostage Henning Says Report?!

ISIS Militants Are Less Than Two Miles From Baghdad

ISIS To Set Bombs On US Roads And Blow Up Homes

The Disgusting Act ISIS Is Doing To Christian Babies?!

Muslims Praise Allah Surround OK Police Conference?

Second OK Muslim Threatens To Behead Co-Worker?

Pentagon Official Says President Is Lying To America?

Australia Says It Will Launch Airstrikes On ISIS In Iraq?!

Washington Think Tank Hires Call Of Duty Creator Huh

WTF?!? America's Terror Alert System Goes Silent?!?

Current USGS Significant Earthquakes And 2.5+ Mags

Mammoth Quake Swarm Largest In Nearly A Decade?

7 Rescued And 32 Missing As Japan Volcano Erupts?

Incredible Drone Video Of Erupting Volcano In Iceland!

Alert! Mount St Helens Shows Signs Of Reawakening?

Alert! Intensifying Typhoon Phanfone Heads For Japan

Fireball Captured On Video By Russia Dashcam 9/27!

Fireball Falls During Montreal News Broadcast 10/02?

Teachers Arrested For Threesome With 16YO Student

White Woman Sues Over Sperm From Black Donor?!?

Sick Man Gets Five Years Prison For Raping A Puppy?

Woman Screaming From Coffin After Shes Buried Alive

Scientists Unveil Invisibility Cloak To Rival Harry Potter's

Wearable Drone Selfie Cam Hovers Points And Shoots

Bash Bug Could Let Hackers Attack Through Light Bulb

Singing Road Route 66 Keeps Drivers At Speed Limit

KFC Hand Wipes Might Offend Muslim Customers?!?

Chiefs Player Penalized After Kneeling Muslim Prayer

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