The Jericho Report Weekly News Briefing # 124 09/27/2014

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Eric Holder To Resign As Attorney General

Brian Terry's Sister On Holder Resignation

CDC Says 500K To Be Infected With Ebola

Ebola Death Camps Unveiled In Liberia?!?

Newspaper Accuses US Of Creating Ebola

Ebola Vac Only Works On White People?!?

Fleas Test Positive For Plague In Flagstaff?

Meningitis Forces Oklahoma School Closure

Flights Resume At O’Hare After Fire At FAA

Man Beheaded Woman In Moore Oklahoma

Firefighter Dies Over Ice Bucket Challenge?

3 FDNY Firefighters Die From 9/11 Cancers

How Dow Jones Average Did On The Week

1 In 4 Americans 25 To 54 Are Not Working?

Federal Reserve Covering Up Bankruptcy?!?

Miss Your Car Payment?!? No Start For You!

Walmart Offers Low-Cost Checking Accounts

US To Pay Navajo Tribe $554M In Settlement

Fighters Over DC NORAD Training Exercise?

National Guard Troops To Boost NY Security?

Media Needs Wilderness Area Photo Permit?

Mexican Flag On Star Spangled Banner Float

Law Enforcement National DNA Database?!?

FBI Says No One Was Killed At Sandy Hook?

New Obama Executive Order On Immigration?

Conspiracy Theorists As Dangerous As ISIS?!

South Carolina Trooper Shoots Unarmed Man?

Woman Punched By CHP Officer To Get $1.5M

UK MPs Vote Overwhelmingly For ISIS Strikes!

Terrorist Attack Is Inevitable Says EU Officials?!

ISIS Plot To Attack US / Paris Subway System?

FBI Assumes Khorasan Plot NOT Disrupted?!?

ISIS Murders 300 Soldiers Chlorine Gas Attack

Human Rights Defender Killed By ISIS In Mosul

ISIS Algerian Group Beheads French Hostage?

Experts Analyzing ISIS Video Say It Is Staged?!

Suspicions That CIA And Islamic State United?!

Must See Video Vice News Interviews With ISIS

Current USGS Significant Quakes And 2.5 Mag

Volcano In Western Indonesia Erupts Yet Again!

Multiple Fireballs Over Eastern US In 24 Hours?

Aurora View Wins 2014 Astronomy Pic Contest

Toxic Algae Found In Portland Willamette River!

Welcome To The Autumnal Equinox 09/22/2014

Drunk Man Tells Police Hes Going To Join ISIS?

Share A Coke With ISIS Coca-Cola Gone Crazy

NJ Police Car Crashes Into Dunkin Donuts Huh?

NM Police Say They Caught Ghost On Camera?

Surgery To Add Third Breast Total Recall Style?

Mom Bakes Vagina Cookies For 2ND Graders

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