The Jericho Report Weekly News Briefing # 123 09/20/2014

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$1B Needed For Ebola Response Says WHO

US Now Sends 3,000 Troops To West Africa?!

Virologist Says Too Late Ebola To Kill 5 Million

Sick Crew Liberian Ship Docks In New Orleans

Respiratory Virus Enterovirus D68 Spreads NE

Brain-Eating Amoeba Sabine Parish Louisiana

Search For Shooter Of Pennsylvania Troopers?

Two US NAVY F-18 Jets Crash Into The Pacific

JetBlue Flight Returns After Smoke Fills Cabin?

Kidde Recalls Smoke And Combo SCO Alarms

Chemical Found In Colgate Linked To Cancer?!

Dentists Find Polyethylene Microbeads In Crest

How The DOW Jones Industrials Did This Week

Fed Will End QE Next Month As Time Remains?

WTF?!? Scotland Says No To Independence?!?

Congress Approves Arming / Funding Of Rebels

Home Depot Data From 56 Million Cards Taken

Facebook For Rich Is Now Accepting Members?

Man Wins Case Against BBC On 9/11 Cover Up

HR24 Audit The Fed Passes House Of Reps?!?

FBI Launches National Facial Recognition Sys?!

NBC's 3 Steps For Home Invasion Defense Huh

Fed Court Upholds Flag Ban On Cinco De Mayo

NYC Muslim Day Parade 2014 Pro-Terror March

Cops Thwart ISIS Plot With Mass Sydney Raids?

Rochester NY Man Attempting To Support ISIS?!

Men With Terrorist Tie Captured Crossing Border

Texas Manhunt For 14YO Illegal Cartel Hitman?!?

15 Syrian Kids Dead Following UN Vaccinations!

UN To Dump Flood Of Muslim Refugees On US?!

New ISIS Video Warns US Over Iraq Deployment

US Troops Could Forward Deploy With Iraqis Huh

200 Dead In US Strike On Training Camp In Mosul

ISIS Hits US F-15 With Anti-Air Batteries From Iraq

ISIS Supporters Urged To Attack Times Square?!?

ISIS Wants To Assassinate Pope Francis Now Huh

Three Detainees Swapped Are Now ISIS Leaders?

What Obama Would Do If He Was An ISIS Adviser?

Russia Provides Military Assistance To Iraq / Syria?

Russia Dry Run Of Nuclear Bombing Attack On US!

Current USGS Significant Earthquakes / 2.5+ Mags

Odile Slams Mexico Storm Leaves Big Devastation

CLIO Climbs Through Clouds On Mystery Mission?!

Fireball Over Rockies Was A Russian Spy Satellite

NASA Awards Boeing And Space X Big Contracts

Joan Rivers' Doc Took Selfie And Began A Biopsy

The First Lady Remembers 9/11 With KaBoom?!?

Man Fires On Kids Standing At Ice Cream Truck?!

WTF? Family Of Robber Threatens To Kill Victims?

Sleeping Man Woke To Find Woman Raping Him?

Man Sought Sex With Dog / Woman On Craigslist?

Satanists To Distribute Materials In Public School?

USAF Says 'So Help Me God' In Oath Is Optional?

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