The Jericho Report Weekly News Briefing # 122 09/13/2014

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Australia Raises Terror Threat Level To High

FAA Grounds All UPS Flights Over Computers

Times Square Billboard Shows WTC 7 Video?

Gov Bulletin Warning Attacks With No Warning

Sierra Leone Now Declares Ebola Lockdown?

Docs Without Borders Calls Lockdown Mistake

Air Marshal In Quarantine After Syringe Attack?!

US Doc With Ebola Walks Into Emory Hospital?!

Respiratory Illness Striking Denver Area Children

Florida Scientists Warning Don't Touch This Bug

Hackers Exposed Millions Of GMail Passwords?

Former WH Press Sec Carney Now Joins CNN?

How The Dow Jones Industrial Average Finished

It Will Cost Taxpayers $5B For An ISIS Strategy?

Fast Food Job Losses Obama Grants Amnesty?

Are The Super Rich Now Getting Super Richer?!

New Michael Brown Witnesses In Ferguson Mo?

Texas Man Shot 80 Times Until He Had No Face

Army Officer Could Not Enter School In Uniform?

Town Sells Farmer Equipment Says It’s Garbage

Yahoo Threatened With Fine Over Surveillance?!

Non-Lethal Police Weapon Not Easy On Eyes?!?

Rancher Says Cartels Taking Over Open Border!

DHS Confirms ISIS Planning Infiltration Of Border

White House Declares America At War With ISIS

Obama To Send 475 Additional Troops To Iraq?!

In Place Of Boots US Seeks Contractors For Iraq

Last Four Pres Announce We're Bombing Iraq?!?

Obama Promises Sustained Effort To Rout ISIS?!

Overthrowing Master List Of US Regime Changes

CIA Triples Estimate Of Islamic State Strength?!?

Burn ISIS Flag Challenge Goes Arab World Viral?

Russia Says US Airstrikes An Act Of Aggression?

Russia Denies Jets Approached Canadian Frigate

Current USGS Significant Earthquakes And 2.5M+

The World’s Tallest Geyser Erupts In Yellowstone?!

Sun Spits Out Strong Earth-Directed X-Class Flare

Sun Storm May Supercharge Earth Northern Lights

India And Pakistan Flood Rescue Efforts Slammed

Memphis Flooding Homes Flooded Cars Stranded

Power Outages Surpass 400,000 Through Michigan

California Drought Apocalypse As Wells Run Dry?!?

Florida Shrimp-Like Creature Is Quite The Catch?!?

Killer Whales Dying Along Pacific Coast Very Sick?

Meteorite Is Probable Cause Of Blast In Nicaragua?

Earth Faces Years Of Killer Strikes Starting In 2017

Was This A UFO Over Chicago On September 7Th

Man Implants Microchip In Hand Ahead Of iPhone?

Drunk Jumps Out Window Proves He Is Superman

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