The Jericho Report Weekly News Briefing # 121 09/06/2014

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Joan Rivers Dies At Age 81 (09/04)

Joan Rivers Says Obama Is Gay (07/03)

Small Plane Crashes Off Jamaica Coast

Car Tied To Obama Threat Found In CT?

Army Suspends Western Med Com Head

Obama Is Cowardly Says SEALs Parents

Ebola Patient Being Treated In Omaha?!?

Another Doc Infected With Ebola In Liberia

WHO Ebola Summit As Crisis Worsens?!?

Group Says World Is Losing Ebola Battle?!

Respiratory Virus Hits KC Metro Area Kids

Respiratory Virus Also Hits Cen Ohio Kids?

Miss 5 Year Old Beaten At Kindergarten?!?

WW2 Vet 86 Beaten Outside Ohio Hospital

How Dow Jones Industrial Average Finished

Consumers Have Decided To Hoard Money

CA Drivers Brace For Costly New Gas Tax?

NJ Woman Working 4 Jobs Dies Napping?!

Cash Raised Wont Fill ALS Research Holes

B Of A Settlement To Liberal Activist Groups

Pub School Lunch Vs Obama Girls Lunch?!?

Texas Kurdish Ghost Oil Tanker Reemerges

Urban Shield Shines On Police Militarization

The DHS Arming Police To Fight Americans

09/11 Coloring Books For Kids Are Back?!?

Professor Links Mercury In Vacs To Autism?!

TN Police Draw Blood At DUI Checkpoints?!?

No Cams On Army Surveillance Aircraft In MD!

Illegal Border Invasion On A Whole New Level?

Sheriff Sued For Not Divulging CCW Holders?!

An ISIS Fighter Works At Minneapolis Airport?!

Obama Lifts Ban On Libyans Training As Pilots

ISIS Forcing Detained Pilots To Train Militants?

Photos Of Captured Planes At Tripoli Airport?!?

ISIS Plan Revealed Islamic Caliphate To Rule?!

ISIS Capable Of Terror Attack On US Tomorrow

Biden 'We’ll Follow You To The Gates Of Hell'?!

Coordinated Attack On ISIS Syria Headquarters

ISIS Vid Shows Juniior Jihadis Training Camp?

The Coded Message Obama Delivers With ISIL

What We Know About ISIS Near West Virginia?

Quran Verses Painted On IN Christian Churches

US Ground Troops Train In Ukraine Next Week?

Russia Nuclear Exercise More Than 4K Soldiers

A Russia Preemptive Nuclear Strike Doctrine?!?

Dutch Intellectuals Apologize To Putin For MH17

Current USGS Significant Earthquakes And 2.5+

Asteroid 2014 RC Fly By On Sunday 09/07/2014

Odor In Sev PA Counties Prompt Over 900 Calls

500+ Methane Vents Bubbling Off East Coast?!?

Satellite Images Show Summer Ice Cap Is Thicker

Scripture Says US To Protect Muslim Countries?!

A Mystery Crater Shows Up In Utah State Pond?!

35 Yr Megadrought To Strike The American SW?

NASA Building Robot Controlled Drone Traff Net

Russia Space Geckos Found Dead On Landing?

Mysterious Cell Towers Are Intercepting US Calls

Map Shows Every Connected Device On The Net

WTF Woman Dead In London Garden Beheading

OR Dog Eats 43 1/2 Socks Wins $500 For Clinic

AZ Family Finds 5,000 Wasps In Guest Room?!?

Giant Millipedes Seized At San Francisco Airport

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